I got a phone call this morning from Judy. She told me there was a sick dog in the Guatalupana which is the poorest section of the island, still without electricity or running water. I met Judy there and we went to visit the dog. He was really grumpy and really skinny. I promised to bring some medicine for Ehrlichia which is probably what he has, they all have it.
While we were there people kept asking us to look at their dogs and “did we have anti-parasite medicine” or “when can we get our animals sterilized?” What a difference. Partly due to a heightened awareness and partly because of the terrible condition of the dogs.

The kids followed us everywhere. They brought me two sick pups who I took home with me and then it dawned on me. Let’s do the clinic right there. That way the owners can stay with there dogs. We can just do maybe 12 -15 but we can do it every week. Within a few minutes I had Pepe, the vet, agree to come and a family offered their house. Wow. If this works out we’ll go every week until we have the area under control. We can give out deworm medicine and tic and flea prevention. In a few months it will be a showcase of “how too.” We hope. Let’s see how it goes.


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I am thrilled to hear this wonderful news!!!

Oh that’s so nice to hear! I hope that it all goes well and soon La Guadalupana is filled with happy healthy doggies!

I love this idea, Alison. It’s so much more manageable and it will make such a difference. Way to go!!

This is a fantastic development! Word will get out and more neighborhoods will become open to it, too. You know it’s a small island, but getting animals to a clinic is daunting.

You guys are so amazing, your efforts are above and beyond!!

My husband and I will be coming down next Friday and we want to help with the mini clinic! We worked the clinic last year and want to help.

Thanks I’m so pleased with how it turned out, my blog sight has been down but I’m going to post some pictures now. Alison

Wow ! This is great ! Very good idea !

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