People always ask me where the dogs and pups keep coming from. If we continue to spay the adult dogs and re-home the pups, why don’t we stop getting puppies. The answer is that we need more community cooperation. People on the island buy dogs, bring them to the island and breed them. Plus there are many nooks and crannies that we don’t know about where the animals can slip through our spaying and neutering fingers and produce more pups.

Someone called me yesterday to say that they saw a mom and her pups tucked in next to a closed restaurant, behind a jewelry store. We went to check it out. She’s an older dog who has obviously had many litters. She has an owner who won’t spay her and her pups have been given away or allowed to wander off. So she’s continually breeding and any of her pups who survive become beach dogs and do the same thing. This time we are asking the owner if we can have the mom and the pups. I’ll keep you posted.
We WILL get there. Every year more people tell me about breeding dogs in their part of the island. I’m thinking of putting PUPPY POLICE on the side of my car but my car is such a rusty mess, I don’t think it would be good advertising. Not that I’m complaining, I love my little car. It’s pretty funny though, the car has so many rust holes in it that our cat can get in there to sleep when all the doors are closed.


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