I thought I’d write about all the puppies that come in during our clinics. People ask me, “how do you end up with so many puppies, where do they come from?” So here is where they come from………

During the spay and neuter clinics, people will bring in their own personal pets, or maybe a street dog that lives in their neighborhood. We also search for strays. Some of these are friendly dogs and some have learned to be afraid of people and need to be caught. With these dogs come a constant flow of puppies. People find them in their gardens or they’ve always known that a momma has given birth there and now the pups are big enough to wonder around. Sometimes the momma dog will lead us to her pups. Sometimes the pups have been abandoned in a vacant lot by a family that has not yet spay their female. Often school kids have found a puppy on the way home from school and their parents say they can’t keep it.

Then there are the neighborhood dog lovers who have taken in pups from the streets or other people that don’t want them and these good people show up with a box or two full.

The hardest part is that even after I’ve already accepted twenty or thirty — they still keep coming. What can I say? If I say no, the pups will have to go back on the streets and I can’t live with that. So my poor husband wakes up every morning at five am to the hungry yipping of forty plus pups.


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