I received a call from a woman who kept finding a little black dog on the wrong side of the fence around the Selina Grande, which is a small salt water lake in the middle of the island. She told me that every day she would lift the dog over the fence away from the water where he’d be safe. Then the next morning she’d find him back there. Perplexed she asked around looking for the owner. Sadly she found him and the story is that the owner doesn’t want the dog anymore. He put the dog by the water so he was trapped and couldn’t come home again. As sad and awful as that sounds, I’m thrilled it happened because now Toto is here with us and we are going to love him up.

But wait, there’s more, it must be short fuzzy dog week because this morning Tiffany called me to say that the three little dogs that live in the park in front of her house were going to be picked up by the city. The owner of these dogs denied that he was their owner so they were labeled street dogs and that is not a good thing for island dogs. Wow are they beautiful and they haven’t even had a bath yet and yes, these are three different dogs.


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Send them our way baby 😉

You all are truly amazing… bless all of you. I found a little neglected puppy 15 years ago on the street in Morelia,MX people were really mean to her. I am blessed to say that “Tequila” came home to San Francisco, CA w/ me and lived a happy life until last Nov when she became very ill from age related illness’ and we had to help her pass. I miss her so much. Thank you all for the wonderful work you are doing! ♥♥♥

Hey Katie I would love to send them your way, we call them the movie stars, they a so gorgeous and lovable.

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