Just-in is doing better every day. We are treating him for Ehrlichia and it’s making a big difference. He likes to keep to himself and doesn’t respond to people with enthusiasm. I don’t think his owner paid much attention to him. I see this all the time. We’re working on him though, we make a big fuss over him all the time.

We took in a wonderful, handsome, smart, guy the other day. He was picked up off the street and given to a family as a guard dog. The caretakers didn’t like him plus he barked because they never let him off of his chain. After being here for an hour we could already see that he’s just one of those special dogs. He needs to gain weight and learn to trust people but he’s well on his way. Loves walks.
Our poor Perrafaira (above right) was attacked by a big dog last night. She had multiple puncture wounds and wasn’t using her back leg. We cleaned her up and I’m sure she’ll be okay but she’s an older dog and I think it really upset her. She gets extra hugs today.


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Ah… poor Perrafaira ~ give her a hug from me too!

Hi Alison,
How about advertising my calendar on this site? I’d sure love to get my sales up to 150-200. I would need to get all new orders in the mail by the last week of April though. I’m already looking forward to making next year’s calendar!

Just-In makes me smile cause I see your presence, patience and love is starting to work, fisher people were known to use puppies as bait. Milagro and her stubborness makes me smile at you all the time. Thanks Alison and Jeff

Awwe Perrafaira!!! I was just thinking about her the other day!!! I hope she is alright * sending hugs to perra**

I am so sorry Perrafaira met up with a bad dog! I am sure she’ll get over it with all the socializing you provide and I am glad to see the others on the road to thriving! It’s quit a job. Now that there are fewer tourists, Punta and I might be dropping by for a social hour. She is good role model. Like in the rabies shot clinic, she told the other dogs, no problem. Didn’t hurt a bit! Oh, you’ll be going to a nice place like I did, she’ll reassure them.

Thanks everyone, we were broken hearted about Perrafaira, I think it reminded her that she’s getting older, she used to live on the street and did fine with whoever showed up and caused her trouble. We took Just-in for a walk today, he loved it, it’s hard to believe it’s the same dog that showed up the other day. We are going to neuter him and get his eye operated on as soon as he is a bit better. Perrafaira is on my bed right now, working the attach for everything she can get Haha.

Perra is better, she’s been sleeping on our bed and loving it. Her wounds are healing and she is loving the attention.

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