This year (my years always start in September) we are having two clinics in Bonfil. It is a poor area in Cancun near the Airport. The street population of cats and dogs is over the top. Last year we did a clinic there in January and Isla Animals took home 65 puppies. We do not put puppies back on the streets. Older dogs with survival skills who would be hard to turn into house pets are spayed/neutered and put back exactly where we found them. Often times they have territories and people who occasionally feed them.

But the puppies are a whole different thing, so they come to us. This November 5-10 we are joining with Planned Pethood, Candi International, Cancun Animal Rescue, Coco’s Cat Rescue, Luum Balicheo, Jaguar Cats, Animalistas and Rescate Malix for our next large scale spay and neuter clinic. We are hoping to do over 1000 animals.

Our next large scale clinic after that will be in January with Vidas and we are hoping for the same number of surgeries. If we keep hitting this area we WILL make a huge difference. We also do special surgeries or arrange to have them done if the need comes to our attention. Like Pablo who had a broken hip.

We will also continue to have our regular clinics on Isla Mujeres and our ongoing day to day spays and neuters. One of Isla Animal’s biggest expenses for these clinics are tests. We need to buy at least 50 distemper tests and 50 Parvo tests. That way we can control an environment that includes sixty-five un-vaccinated puppies. We saw the value of this last spring when we had very few deaths from the spread of Parvo and distemper. We want to make that happen again.

At the moment we are searching for the very best prices and we’re asking companies for donations. These tests average about $22.00 a piece. If you are interested in donating money to buy the tests please specify that on the donation page. Thanks everyone, it’s going to be an incredible year.


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it does my heart good to read your amazing bulletin.
God bless.

Wanted to remind you that Me and my staff will be there from the November 9-16th if you need any help from us we can spare a day for you. Let us know. We land on the 9th. Thanks
Ruby Duey CVT

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