How Did You Do That! Book

Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup series, Barbara DeAngelis,
Chris Howard, Brendon Burchard, Alison Sawyer Current
and 30 other folks JUST LIKE YOU

“How Did You Do That! is that book—that book you’ve been looking for that could inspire you to change your own life, the book you’ll keep forever, returning to its dog-eared pages for ideas and inspiration. In this collection of amazing true stories you’ll find the courage to finally go for it and do that thing you’ve been yearning to do.”

Have you ever watched an athlete accomplish an amazing physical feat … Or witnessed an entrepreneur achieve phenomenal career and financial success … Or you might have observed a person who overcame amazing obstacles in their personal life … And wondered – HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

This book tells those stories. How people just like you are able to overcome their fears, hold onto their courage, and personally grow and expand beyond what anyone expects of them.

How Did You Do That! is a collection of stories about people who achieved lifelong goals, found lost loves, amassed fortunes, experienced medical miracles, discovered their true calling and made a difference. They are stories of humble beginnings and heroic endings, but they are also stories of “how” — how they did it, and how you can do it, too.

You will be as fascinated as you are inspired, when you read the stories of these people’s true life achievements.

A Preview of Alison’s Chapter,
“Speaking for the Last in Line”


… In the past couple of years I’ve found many wonderful rescue organizations to work with that will take our Isla dogs and find loving, forever homes for them in the US and Canada. Over time, I’ve gathered more and more support from amazing, dedicated people who come down to Isla to do spay and neuter clinics and generously answer all my questions. Thank goodness for their practical and moral support, because this road has not always been easy.

There have been a few islanders who have threatened to deport me and kill my dogs, and have managed to poison some (if a dog wants to jump a fence, he will find a way). The authorities—whose trucks I try to follow after roundups to save the dogs they are planning to electrocute—have switched to portable generators so they can kill as many dogs as possible before I can find them. As the only one caring for the dogs, I’m somehow held accountable for all the dogs on the island, and blamed when any dog damages property or bites someone. And I still have broken windows after Hurricane Wilma, because my money and time literally go to the dogs!

Even with the hard stuff, I feel like the luckiest person alive. All I want to do is this. It’s heartbreaking, at times; I’ve had whole litters of sick puppies die in my arms. But I do see a difference. There are fewer dogs on the street…

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