There are only a few pieces of equipment more important than a washing machine, if you run a dog rescue. We use a ton of towels everyday. Two or three days without doing the laundry, our machine is broken, and we have a stack half the size of a Volkswagen. Plus they don’t have “do it yourself” laundry mats here, you take you dirty laundry in, they weigh it, charge by the kilo, and you pick it up four hours later. But that doesn’t apply to us because they would never, never accept our smelly towels. Not a chance. So I spend the last part of everyday stomping towels.

And then we got a mom and four more pups in, which means more dirty towels. It has been incredible this fall. We can’t seem to get ahead of things. I was feeling so great about the four pups that we sent out last week and then we got four more in and the momma. But are these puppies ever cute. Jeff says I always say that. Ha ha


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I think we should do a fundraiser to get you some good equipment so you can carry on your fantastic work. Maybe skip one clinic and use the money collected to get needed supplies and equipment to carry on. Just a thought.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m still hoping that we can get the washing machine fixed. You know how it is down here. Every day the guy says he’s coming and everyday he doesn’t show up. If he can’t fix it though, we will definitely have to have a fundraiser.

I wish I had known I would have taken them to our villa and washed them for you or gladly stayed and stomped a few with you! You continue to inspire me….you are an amazing and beautiful woman! Thank you for all you do….please deliver another hug to my Hero and keep some for yourself!!! Maybe Santa will bring you a new washer!!!!

I would love to help. Could you tell me how much a new washing machine costs down there? I will start a fundraiser.

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