We have had two dogs living in our bushes for four months. They were trapped in the mangroves and brought to us way past the age of making an easy transition to living with people. We had some wonderful volunteers here earlier in the year who worked with them but after they left, having 30 to 40 other pups made it impossible to continue training them on a daily basis. They needed hours of time every day for weeks to make any difference but, sadly, we could never find them homes the way they were.

Then along came Troy, the incredible dog trainer. He wrote me in March to say that he was coming to the island in May and asked if there was anything he could do. I immediately wrote him about Starsky and Hutch. He sent some wonderful suggestions and offered to work with them when he got here. He was great. He got them out of the bushes and came every morning to train them. It’s amazing what knowledge and patience can achieve. Troy went back to Arizona and I’m walking Starsky and Hutch twice a day. I have Starsky tied to my foot as I’m typing this and he’s lying down and relatively calm.

Both dogs have a long way to go, but I’d given up on them and I’ll never do that again. Thank you Troy.


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Alison, you are amazing! A lot of us who follow your work have no idea what challenges you are up against. Anna really wants me to visit and if I am able to do that soon will make it a priority to spend time with Starsky and Hutch. Thank you for the blog updates!

Alison, so glad I could help out! It was an honor to help you out. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try and make a difference 🙂 I will keep in touch to see how they progress!

Allison! you are the best! What great news about Starsky and Hutch!! Thanks for the update. Hope all is well!

Troy, I’m following to see how they’re both doing – I have been telling everyone about the invaluable hour and a half I spent watching you coax Hutch? (I must admit I forget which dog is which name) out of his kennel and onto the floor to sit beside you…

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