Rudy’s a Canadian

Yahoo, Rudy’s a Canadian. What a ride he’s had. Just before our November spay and neuter clinic in Corales, Cancun, my friend, Andrea and Jeff and I were driving around getting organized. We were on the road near Puerta Juarez when Andrea starts yelling, “stop, puppy”. Well it made sense to me so I started to yell, “stop puppy”. Jeff tried to pull over but there were cars in the way. Still that didn’t stop Andrea and I who had both gone “puppy blind”. We saw only one thing that mattered and that was a puppy on the side of the road. Finally my mild mannered Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and yelled “shut up.” But he still managed to stop. With Andrea and I on board he really didn’t have any choice. Ha Ha.

We found the puppy. He was skinny, and covered with tics. He was soaking wet from the rain, and had paint all over his fur. It was a construction site and the man that claimed to be his owner didn’t think there was anything the matter with Rudy. Luckily he finally consented to let us have him and we drove off with our prize. It has taken Rudy a while to grow hair and get some meat on his bones and he is just a love. He managed to charm Samantha and Chris into taking him and a buddy home. Thank heavens for dog lovers everywhere.


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If ever you need a place for a small dog , I would love to take one in , my heart goes out to dogs and I live alone so could give all my time to one. Just E mail me if you need help , great work !

What a great story…you guys do much for the animals here and I know they are grateful and so are we!

We’re friends of Samantha and Chris in Toronto and want to report that we’ve been charmed to bits by our new Mexican puppy friends. They are absolutely adorable and they are cute as anything in their new winter jackets!

We just returned home from Isla on January 26th after our ninth or tenth visit. I am happy to see that there are fewer sick looking island dogs, but there were a few who were absolutely covered in ticks. 🙁 I took a bag of flea and tick collars and managed to get them on a couple of dogs, then left the rest with a friend who has also been helpful with dog rescues there.

When I am able to spend more than a week on Isla, I look forward to helping these dogs out and promoting adoption in any way possible. Thanks to all of you who do so much!

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