Jeff and I just got back to Mexico a few days ago. We’re having a spay and neuter clinic next week and then the normal dog stuff from there. I would like to do a sweep of the island, door to door, working on vaccinations and spaying and neutering. I mean really – we’ve been back two days and we already have a very weak momma with eight pups. Then I got a call about another dog with eight pups and Jeff and I are about to go pick up four. This has to stop. I called my new momma – Momma Rina after the hurricane that wasn’t.
Here is our new mom warming up her pups after their bath this morning, such a good mom. This must be black dog week, out of the thirteen puppies there is only one white one.
We are so looking forward to moving ahead this year. With all the rescue groups and people that we are working with now, we can get more done and we’re hoping that we can get some help with this. Already we have some wonderful monthly donators, and it makes a huge difference.

So many people ask me what they can do to help, well it’s really easy. If we can get enough people donating $10.00 a month we will have a budget to work with. Ten people giving up two starbuck coffees every month can buy enough dog food for a week, or three spays or four neuters, or twelve vaccines, or five distemper tests, or four parvo tests, or two and a half medium crates, or ten bottles of specialty shampoos, or two bottles of de-wormer, or five dog rides to the airport, or five health certificates, and on and on. Every penny goes to the dogs, there is no administration, we pay Marcelino’s salary (he works at the house and helps with the dogs). IT’S ALL FOR THE DOGS.
We’ve been home three nights and already have two momma’s with their pups. There is no where else for these dogs to go. We will find homes for the pups and spay the moms. Each spayed female is one step closer to a better life for dogs in Mexico. If you already donate, ask a friend to do it too, and ask their friends to do it as well. Ten dollars a month and we can make a huge difference together.

I forgot to mention in this blog yesterday that the Isla Animals Website is set up to do monthly donations. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the front page there is a donate button, click on that and then there are instructions on how to continue. Thank you everybody, in advance, who donates. It makes all the difference.
We are setting up for a big spay and neuter clinic today and getting ready for all the street puppies that we find.


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How do we go about making a $10 per month. We have been to your home on Isla several times and have brought donations every visit. We have always come in the summer months when you are gone (though your staff has always been very friendly).

I’d like to make it automatic from my checking account if possible. I’m now horrible at writing monthly checks with the ability to have it automatically drawn.

Some day, when we have the ability to get to Isla on the non-summer hours (I am a teacher) I would really like to help you with the dogs and spray clinics, etc.

In the meantime, let me know how we can get that auto pay going.

I have two black dogs……OH, how i would love to have one of those precious puppies!!!!! Dang they’re cute!

Deirdre Dannecker aka MommaDe

Glad you got back OK. John and I would like to donate $10.00
a month. How would you like us to set that up. I am a Strabucks freak, and I am willing to give up 1 a week for the dogs of Isla and your efforts. We will be there over New Year’s and will check in to see if I can pack anything for you as far as supplies. What happened with Bruno?

Hi; you are doing awesome work. I live in Northern California and will be visiting Isla Mujerez from Dec. 10th to the 17th I was wondering if my husband and I could come by and take a look at the puppies. I have two dogs but they will only let a puppy come in and join the family. I was wondering if Mamma Rina still had her black and white pup left, I saw a picture of her ealier but it looks like she might have been adopted already. I’m a little afraid of the process of getting one home but if I can talk my husband into it I would love to take one home with us. I have seen and fed many poor, hungry, starving pups while I visit and can’t stand how sad it is. Where are you located? how can I get intouch with you when I’m on the island? I will call my airlines today just incase.

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