Yesterday was one of those days that every animal rescue hates. Sorry to be mean but “stupid people with dogs” break my heart . I had three visit yesterday and each one got more ridiculous. First a very nice woman came to the house to ask me to rescue a eight month old lab that was in a bad situation. Her boss was taking care of it and his landlord said he couldn’t have dogs. This is a pretty average situation except for the fact that the boss sent his employee so that he wouldn’t have to give a donation to the rescue that was going to solve his problem. Okay that one isn’t so monumental.

Next, a woman comes to my house on a brand new motto and asked me if I will take her two pugs. She has had these two pugs, one 3 years old and one seven years old for three years. But now she is going to have a baby so she doesn’t want them anymore. I say, “you can have dogs and a baby at the same time,” and after much back and forth she confesses that they are not house trained. So rather than trying to find out how to house train them it’s much more convenient to dump the poor little things on me in a shelter with 50 other dogs.

Okay this last one takes the cake. A family shows up and rings the bell after I’ve gone to bed, which I admit is earlier than most. Jeff tells them I’ve gone to bed and to come back tomorrow. They ring the bell again. So I go down, worried that it might be an emergency. They have two, three month old puppies stuffed in a very small crate and they say that their landlord (oh those landlords) said they could only have one dog and their one dog had puppies and they can’t keep them. So I look at the mother, she’s filthy and really fat so I ask, “is she pregnant?” Yes they answer. I’m flabbergasted. So as much as I want to get those poor puppies out of that tiny box. I ask them what they are going to do with the new puppies, no answer.
So I look in the box, the puppies in there look like brown street dogs. My guess, they want poodle pups to sell and these two didn’t look like poodles so they were left over.

So I tell them that they can drop the puppies off at the island clinic when they take the mother into be spayed. I will pick them up there. They say, you can’t spay her, she’s pregnant. I say, what are you going to do with more puppies if you can’t keep the two you already have. We go back and forth for quite some time before they leave to go to the clinic to drop off the mother. We shall see, I go back to bed and lie there for hours, so frustrated that I can’t sleep.
I’m just going to add some cute pictures to break up this long frustrating story. As far as the momma dog, when I moved here I would have been opposed to spaying a pregnant dog but after seeing thousands of puppies abused and starving in the streets it hardly bothers me at all.


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As much joy that comes out of the clinics that were recently held, there are always situations like the one you are writing about. Your efforts and your volunteer efforts to educate people seem endless. You can’t do it all, or carry the weight on your shoulders. You need to tap into
the progress Isla Animals has made since 1999, and know how truely amazing your efforts have been. There are so many people behind you and support you, and Isla Animals. I am looking froward to my time there starting in June of 2013 to become more involved with Isla Animals.

I have to start by saying that I am Mexican. This is important because I know the culture very well. It exasperates the heck out of me to see “stupid people with dogs”. Yes, Mexicans loveeeeee to get rid of dogs when they are having babies. As I like to say they are a bunch of primitive people. And of course these people love to reproduce “perros finos” and to sell them. I admire you guys so much for doing this gigantic altruistic work. I live in the states. And a absolutely love when Americans move to live down in mexico and start civilizing Mexicans. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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