Perraferra the Street Dog

Any of you who have been to my house have probably met or heard of Perraferra. She was brought to me over five years ago by Josephine who takes care of the cats on the island. Perraferra was being naughty and chasing motor bikes so Josephine was afraid that the city would pick her up. I told Josephine what I tell everyone who wants me to take their dog, “I can care for them unless they jump the fence, once they can do that there is nothing I can do.” There are some dogs that will get out no matter how many things you try to prevent it.

Well Perraferra is a fence jumper so I let her go but check on her all the time, occasionally bringing her home if she needs a bath, skin treatment, a vaccination etc. This has gone on for years. She’s been staying behind the market downtown, the men there tolerate her and some of them even like her. One fisherman occasionally takes her out in his boat. I’m telling you she gets around.

Last spring she had a cough so I tested her for heart worm. It’s positive. Last week she had the two shots twenty four hours a part, which is the treatment and now she must stay quiet for a few weeks. Guess where she is, of course, on our bed with our other dogs.


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