Perra Ferra was given to me 4 or 5 years ago. The woman that owned her was worried because Perra Feo, which is what her original name was (it means ugly dog) kept chasing motto’s and the owner was afraid that someone would get hurt or the city would pick Perra Feo up. Perra stayed with us for a while, but she’s a fence jumper so she was a street dog for a while. Then we found a man that opened a “drive through margarita bar,” yes you read it right. Well Perra Ferra (I renamed her – she didn’t notice the difference but it mattered to me) was happy there for a while but the businesses was not a booming success so she was back in the street for a while. Then Perra took up residency behind the local market and didn’t cause any trouble so they left her alone. One of the venders even took her out in his boat when he went fishing. She’s a charmer.

Did I mention that she may also be the ugliest dog in the world. Of course I love ugly dogs. Well last spring I tested her for heart worm and it was positive so we treated her. We brought her to the house because the dogs are supposed to stay quiet for a month during the treatment. Well she kind of likes it at the house now. So she is either sleeping under a truck behind the market or she’s sleeping on our bed. What a life for a street dog eh.


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You guys are just angels to these dogs. She looks sorta cute to me, but maybe I don’t think any dog is ugly. 🙂

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