Pablo Got his stitches out

Our poor little Pablo was found alone in the street using three of his four legs. We brought him to the house and even though he never complained his femur was broken. Pepe fixed him up, put a pin in the bone and he is using his leg a little more every day. He is also gaining weight, I’m sure he was last in line for any tasty garbage morsels with only three legs to get there. His is so sweet and wow, what a face.


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I seen in Jan a news article Cheryl Mc Auliffe, an ex-director with the Humane Society headquartered in Georgia, said she is here to form The Humane Society of Isla Mujeres. Will this focuse on abused dogs? I want to share an email I received of a very nice dog that hangs out down by our place and across street at ocean view park. Nicknamed Leo -Oh and speaking of tough…our friend “Leo”: The good news is it looks as though he has an owner, the bad news is that he has the particular owner that he has!!! So having an owner isn’t always a good thing.

I was across the street last evening walking when I saw Leo he was sitting with the terrier that had been hit by the Taxi the other day…he was so sweet, sitting next to her just keeping her company. When he looked up and recognized it was me, he started across the road and I heard a man’s voice from the shadows from near the corner house speak firmly and Leo stopped in his tracks, crouched down to the ground and didn’t move. The man’s voice gave a command once again, this time louder and with seemingly more anger…Leo literally crawled towards the voice and then when he reached the man he was stomped and kicked repeatly straight down on his spine/back end…Leo yelped and I yelled HEY!!! Problema???? as loud as I could muster. This action at least stopped the man…given he realized he was being watched! Unfortunately he then choose to use his boots to kick “Leo” to the space in between the houses and out of sight however not out of harms way. I held my ground, and witnessed another yelp before I could no longer hear the commotion. There were two women and some children present as well although none of them said a thing to the abuser.

I am quite sure if “Leo” was a street dog, without a so called “home” someone would be more able to open their hearts and take him in to properly care for him. It was obvious to me this wasn’t the first time this had happened given “Leo’s” crawling on his belly to receive his anticipated beating. I sat in contemplation for quite awhile after this incident and also recognized the suffering that must be occurring in the soul of the man who was actually performing the abusive behaviour as well…to think that he must feel that helpless, unheard and/or listened to that he would have a need to nearly kick the life out of a dog…must be pretty low on the satisfaction scale for him as well! One of the major reasons the abuse pattern just keeps repeating itself!

Remarkable, as it may be, this morning, Leo is still walking around and wagging his tail…moral of the story (other than the obvious: ABUSE SUCKS)…the Spirit can rise above the emotional and physical pain we often endure!
This morning note -Leo saw me walking by and as usual ran eagerly to greet me. I said hello to him however didn’t want to get him in trouble! He needs “revolution” treatment for fleas/ticks and heart worm ASAP.
He is so full you can see the fleas running on him and he is not comfortable with someone touching him…wonder why…no way to live!

Wonderful news! =) keep up the fantastic work you do <3

I love when Americans move to live in Mexico. The reason, you guys are so compassionate and immediately take care of the homeless dogs. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! again for taken care of the dogs of my birth country!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please call me, my number is 998 229 0408. Together we can do something to improve the life of this dog. I also have tic and flea meds and dewormer plus we can try to do something
About the treatment. Alison

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