We’ve had such a bad year with distemper. It’s a horrible virus and hard to spot because all the symptoms could apply to other illnesses. Sadly it’s also terribly contagious and we’ve lost quite a few pups. The good news is that we’ve found a test that I think is very accurate. In fact I haven’t seen a false reading yet. They cost $25.00 a piece but it’s worth every penny. We’re now distemper free and have ordered 30 more tests to stay that way. Every new dog or puppy will be tested before joining our group.
Especially with our new tiny babes who are extra vulnerable.

There are seven pups in the litter, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are they cute, they’ve opened their eyes and are starting to move around more. We can already see different personalities coming out. How fun is that.


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I have been posting on FB and hopefully some donations will come your way. Thanks again for what you are doing.

Hey Alison,

FYI – my dog is still hanging in there but has exhibited neurological symptoms of strong twitching in his legs, trouble getting up, stumbling but he is still walking once he is up. i am scared these symptoms will get worse and that if he can pull through this, there will be irreversible paralysis or nerve damage so i’m endlessly reading and trying to find out at the moment if… complex b (or b12 with or without folic acid) is good or bad…

wondering if you had any opinions on this or if you could ask your vet i would REALLY appreciate it.

i have read that one or both repairs/calms/restores/enhances cerebral function as well as the nervous system – which sounds like what he needs and i have seen a lot of support online for it as well. My friend’s dog who had distemper survived with b complex as well as antibiotics/vitamins so this makes me believe it is good. HOWEVER….

the first vet gave me complex b which i was giving him for a day but then the second vet i saw said no – that is stimulates the nervous system and that that isn’t good. I have also read that it stimulates cell growth (good) – but also viral cells (bad!!!) Another vet in Canada did some quick research and said no it is bad, because vitamin b are antioxidants and that will feed the disease but they haven’t seen a case of this in 20 years.

So I don’t know what the fuck to believe and need an opinion of a good vet that I trust. And it sounds like this could really help him OR hurt him soo???

Also curious about any benefits of flax seed oil/garlic/vitamin E in addition to what i’m giving him

Right now he is on a
tetracycline antibiotic twice a day every 8hrs
vitamin C 500mg three times a day
he received a shot yesterday morning and this morning (but not sure of what)

Sorry if this is a lot to ask but I’m sure you can understand my desperation at this point to prevent things going any worse then they are. I’m just trying to do all I can for him and make the right decisions – just hard to know what is right with so many conflicitng opinions!

Appreciate any advice you can give.
Thank you so much for everything. I also have your metacam that I haven’t really used (again due to conflicting opinions) but don’t really want to go to your house at the moment – considering…

Thanks again

Hi, DH and I will be on the island may 10th – may 24th and would love to help out. Please let me know what we can do. Thanks, Sandy

Our baby, peincess is suffering from distemper. This is her 1st week of that disease. At first we noticed her not eating her food, then after a few weeks we noticed her skin gets yellowish so we brought her to vet, the vet told us she has some liver problems so he gave our princess supplement for the liver which is liv52. aftre 2 days, she’s not eating at all and she was getting seizure and then we immidiately brought her to the vet again, when the vet saw her seizure he conclude that our princess was suffering from distemper and gave her these medicines: liv52 3x a day for 1month for her liver, doxycyclin paste 1pump once a day for 10days, immunol 2x a day, vit. B complex once a day,dilantin 3x a day and dextrose for 2 days. And now after a week of giving her medications, she started some involuntary muscle movement on her head and not stopping until now. I was so afraid and i dont know what to do. I want he to be as normal as she was. Please help me what to do with his

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