Wow, I love the spay and neuter clinics. But the supplies I could do without. Before the clinic they fill up my house and then after the clinic they fill up my house but they smell bad. I just keep sorting and sorting and Jeff looks at me like, “are we a kennel or a house?” At the moment we look more like a kennel inside the house and outside the house.
Our final count on puppies is 41. One of them died of parvo and we’re doing the best we can to keep it from spreading. We’re watching everyone like a hawk. Then Pepe brought us this gorgeous poodle who had his eye removed after a big dog bit him. He was here one night before we found him the most wonderful home.And the puppy in the bowl, who can resist a puppy in a bowl.


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You, your hubby and all your volunteers are amazing! What a pleasure to meet you, Jeff, Marcelino and Laura last week….you are what I like to call a ‘team of angels’.

Oh no! Which one ended up dying?

you are doing such an amazing job! i pray that i will be included in the campaign this january so i can finally meet you. keep up the amazing work! you truely are an angel!

Hello from frozen Maine… you may or may not remember me from March, I was trying to help Max with his eye issues and we met a few times…. well anyway, I’m heading your way to stay for 4-5 months and was wondering if there’s anything I could bring down for the pups? I already have a pet carrier and a few “adopt me” vests that the pups can wear while we try to find homes for them… I believe we’re friends on facebook…. … Can’t wait to see you all, and the pups!!! One Love~

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