Our nights are pretty noisy these days. It’s just the way things are set up and of course the addition of a few hound dogs doesn’t help. The whole thing is a funny chain of events. We have tons of growing puppies in the courtyard of our house which is right below our bedroom. Well these little cuties can’t make it through the night without more food, or more room, or less poop, or more water, they always find some excuse to wake us up at two am each morning.

So I go down to see what’s up. When the lights go on the outside dogs start to bark which wakes up the basset hounds which spreads around the idea that she’s in heat, which gets all the male dogs up. Then the male basset hound gets all annoyed and thinks his girl friend is flirting so he starts to howl and then she beats him up which makes all the dogs go nuts.

Luckily we are having a spay and neuter clinic next week and we will remove all of the body parts that cause these problems.


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