Last weekend I went to an area called the Guatalupana. The government on the island has been absconding with property that belongs to the islanders. So a large group of Islenos squatted on a big piece of property mid island on the Carrabean side. It has been a few years now and they still don’t have water, electricity or sewage. Most of the homes are shacks and many of the homeowners have dug wells or bought large water tanks that sit in their front yards.
Of course there are dogs everywhere and when we have spay and neuter clinics we go there to pick up animals. And when we get donations we go there with de-wormer, collars, vitamins, food and medicine if needed. I would love sometime to be able to vaccinate all the animals but we will need a bigger budget for that as most of our funds go to the sterilization clinics.
The children are wonderful and after many, many visits the people are used to seeing me hang around making a big fuss over their dogs.


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You are and Angel

Oh, Miss Alison, we want to thank you so much for your labor of love in Guadalupana. We know how much the children and families there love their animals and how much it means to them that you come to help. You are such a blessing! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

I am Mexican, and live in the States. I love to read your blog. I love Americans who go to live in Mexico and take care of the homeless dogs and cats. Thank you for doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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