Two days ago some men that live on a boat in one of the Isla Mujeres Harbours literally fished this little old dog out of the ocean. They kept him over night and then brought him to me. He was in such bad shape, I can’t even imagine where he came from or how long he’d been swimming. His eyes and ears are infected, his nails were so long that his toes were twisting sideways and he has a bad case of ehrlichia. These are only the things that we can see.

Justin was the name of one of the men so we called him Just-in. Ha Ha. We bathed him right away, he was crawling with fleas and then he slept for 24 hours. We would wake him up for some liver every once in a while. Last night he started to move, what a treat that was. He even resisted when I cleaned his ears. Yahoo – go – Just-in. He looks fat but it is the water in his abdomen from the Ehrlichia and we think he’s blind plus we’re not sure how well he hears, I’ll keep you posted.


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Allison – here’s hopiing Just_in pulls through – if anyone can do this its you (with a little divine intervention if you so believe) – what a heartbreaking story —–

Hi Alison,
I feel so bad for this little guy. If you ever need a foster home for him (once he gets healthy) Emilio and I would love to take him in. I’m home a lot so taking care of a blind/ deaf dog, although a challenge, would be something that I could do.

I’m going to visit my family next week but when I get back I’m sure Emilio and I will stop over to take some more pups for walks.

Please let me know if you ever find yourself in need of some help. I think what you do is so amazing.

Thank you for all that you do,
Nicole (Emilio sosa’s girlfriend)

Ahhh… what a story, they always bring tears to my eyes while making my heart swell at the same time! I believe in Karma and someday someone will get payback for this dirty deed.

Thanks for your hard work & sharing!


Write me again when you get back. That might be just what Just-in needs. He looks like a golden retriever puppy but he’s 6 or 7 years old, we haven’t figured out his age yet. I think that he’s getting a tiny bit more energy each day. I will keep posting about him. Thanks so much for writing, it really makes a difference to know that people care. Alison

Thanks for writing. I’m just so glad that he’s here, I can’t believe he was swimming around in the bay. The man that fished him out said that Just-in was exhausted when he got him on the boat. So sad. I’ll keep posting about him. Alison

I love the old legend that there is a river that has to be crossed to get into heaven. The dogs are the only ones that can take you across. So I guess there are lots of people that won’t be crossing that old river. Alison

Thank God you have him now Alison! I can’t wait to read some updates on him (along with a photo or two *hint hint*)

OH my lucky little guy. I remember the black dog that washed up last year at your place.Amazing that they survive. We arrive next week with a full case of goodies can I add a supply of doxycycline for just in or anything else you need,please let me know.See you soon.

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