Missing my pups

Jeff and I are still on the road.
People were very friendly as we drove around the gulf of Mexico and up the other side, as you can see by this blurry, on the road, out the window, photo. We made it to LA where we visited with our kids, so great to see them. We also had a great visit with Eddie and Angie from Rescate Malix, how lucky to be in LA at the same time. Their rescue is on the mainland right across from Isla Mujeres and they do an amazing job with the animals and education in Cancun. But oh do I miss my pups.
We took in dogs to be spay and neutered right up to the day we left but there are always more.So we make arrangements to keep up the sterilizations when we’re away. And Irene is taking care of the dogs and puppies at the house: Pewee, Kiwi, Chowder, Octobre, Beauty, Jenny, Bronson, Kerry, Sal, Marta, and Perrafaira. You can check them out on our website adoption page. Oh do I miss them and being at our house when someone comes to the door with a puppy in need.
We’re keeping an extra special eye on Octobre and the puppies.


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Octobre, the blond? I am sorry she is so low … give him besos from Bobbie and Kim

Our poor Octobre, she came into the rescue very nervous so we sent her to Laura and Alan for training where she did really well but had unidentified health issues. After she came back to us she was very happy for a while because we have a very sweet but dominant male named Chowder and she felt very secure with him. But then her health issues started to flare up again. We think it could be distemper but not sure and her symptoms don’t always fit the profile. We had her at the vet for a while but now she is at the house, all of our dogs are well vaccinated and she doesn’t go near any of the pups. I will keep you informed on the blog. She is such a beautiful girl.

I have traveled to visit my husbands family and have seen the homeless dogs running around and most of the females have saggy boobies from having too many pups it is sad to see and I commend your effort there should be more shelters.By the way are there more shelters?

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