We are having a huge spay and neuter clinic on the main land at the same location that we used in October. Wonderful place to work. A big school with lots of room. A few days ago I went over to check it out and then took a tour of the surrounding areas. Wow, these areas are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Not only does Cancun dump their garbage there but they dump dogs and pups that they want to get rid of.

Above, with the little black pup, is Jesika, who tries to help by taking food to the dogs and picks up puppies that have been abandoned. Unfortunately the people who live there won’t always let her take the pups. But Rusty was sick so they allowed me go in and check him out and then, thankfully they let me take him.

Rusty is here with us now. He’s getting the royal treatment. He needs to get used to the other dogs, I think he had to fend for himself out there and he only weighs about 5 pounds. He’s eating well, getting perkier and braver with each hour. How about that heart on his forehead. ADORABLE.


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Bless you my friend.

Please keep me inform about rusty. would like to donate on his
behalf. would you e-mail me the link in order to donate. Thank
you for all that you do for these lovely loving babies.


Thank you Evelyn,
We are at There are donate buttons there, thank you so much! Rusty is doing great!

Bless you ALL. You are like Mother Teresa to these helpless souls.

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