This is the story of misplaced enthusiasm. If we can’t find homes for our pups or dogs locally we send them to rescues in the US or Canada. Recently we connected with a new rescue in Toronto, Canada which is fun for me because I grew up there.
Six weeks ago we arranged to send five pups to our new rescue. Everything went well until the final exit through customs at the Toronto Airport. We had sent pups there before with no problems but this time the agent decided that our puppies were commercial, someone had to be making money off of this. It’s actually very funny, most rescues barely scrape by and individuals eat up their retirement accounts rescuing dogs. If there’s money in this, please someone tell me where to find it.
Well this agent stuck to his guns and actually sent all five puppies back to Mexico. These pups were in their crates for over thirty six hours and then we had trouble with Mexican customs on their return. Don’t these people have better things to do than to make life miserable for five little rescue puppies.
Finally we got the pups back. They were frightened, thin and dehydrated but okay after tons of hugs and food and water.
During all the fuss the custom agents told us that there would be no problems if we flew the pups with a passenger and not cargo. Okay a month later a good friend was flying Cancun to Toronto so we sent the now three pups back to Toronto (some of them got homes). Two of them made it through but Karen didn’t, her owner was waiting for her in Toronto and customs decided that if the owner was getting a new pup then money must be changing hands.
I just have to add here, how odd this is. I spend most of my life trying to convince people that these rescue dogs have value, as in a special life, and here we run into a problem where they are being assigned monetary value, like we are running a puppy store rather than a rescue.
Okay, long blog, sorry—— they take Karen away again and forbid her to touch her cutie paws on Canadian soil. Remember this is her second stint doing overtime in a crate surrounded by strangers. A situation which we usually deem worth it when they get to their new, wonderful, forever, homes.
Karen’s future was not looking good, another trip back to Mexico just seemed too cruel. The whole wonderful rescue community jumped into action. Finally we found out that Karen didn’t have to go back to Mexico, that being a threat to national security, she only had to get off Canadian Soil. So back on an airplane she went, after vets visits, more strange kennels and an added threat of quarantine.
Wonderfully she has landed in Denver where our local support is now helping her get back to health and will find her that home she deserves. Canada is now safe.


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Things like this make me ashamed to be a Canadian. People with nothing better to do. I hate Immigration and Customs when they behave with stupidity. Glad that the pups are all ok and that Karen will soon have her forever home.

I hope those agents in Canada read this. I hope there is a way someone can forward this to them and they feel as horrible as they made that puppy feel. Im so sorry for Karen’s owner too. She would have had a wonderful pup and that has to be very heartbreaking. Another day that makes me ashamed to be Canadian. Viva Mexico!!!!

That is just unbelievable! Poor puppies, or Karen. You a l would be bzillionaires if money were indeed involved in puppy rescues.

I wish we would have known only a 5 hr drive, we would have been happy to help Karen. Please keep us in mind if you ever need Ohio helpers.I remember Karen, you had her when we were on isla in April, she was the boss as I recall.If that is the girl I remember she had a fearless personality.She sure needed it, poor baby. Glad she’s safe.But that really sucked, shame on them.Take care Eileen and Doug good job guys.

Gotta watch those Mexicans; they are always trying to come across the borders illegally! Twice no less:) Glad Canada is safe. Thanks, Alison, for being persistent!

That is the same Karen that was boss of my driveway. Good thing too, I think she needed all that spunk to make it through all of this. Those agents were out of control. They interigated my friend for four hours, I kid you not.

I met Karen also in April, and loved her the 1st time I saw her zest for life. I would of taken her then but live in a place that only allows 1 dog. I hope she finds a good home. Karen deserves some good karma….
As fare as the borders, there is always such a macho attitude whether it’s Cancun, US, Canada. Lighten Up!!

Thanks for your comment. Luckily Karen is with my friend Alex in Denver and she is doing really well. She has gained five pounds and her fur has all grown back. Alex will find her a great home. Alison

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