Your going to love this story. Last spring a man who lives on his boat in the bay next to Isla Mujeres fished an old dog out of the ocean. He said the poor thing was so exhausted that he was about to go under. He fed him a wonderful dinner of hot dogs and kept him over night. But it was obvious that the little guy wasn’t healthy so he brought him to me. What a cutie. He looks like a golden retriever puppy except that he’s really old. It was obvious from his condition that he’d never been well cared for. He had nails that were so long his toes had to bend to walk on them, infected eyes, tics and fleas, and scars and he was very quiet.

We gave him a bath and kept him separate from the other dogs because we suspected that he had hearing and seeing problems. He had this way of shutting down, he wouldn’t respond to people at all but he got better and we sent him north. They were surprised that we sent such an old dog but when they saw him they were so glad he was there. Well the best part of animal rescue are the pictures and letters that you get back about the dogs you’ve cared for when they are in their new homes. This is what I just got about Just-in, now called Wilson, for obvious reasons.

“I wanted to let you know that Justin has found his ‘Forever Home’, he’s sleeping underneath my desk on one of his beds, gently snoring as I type this to you. For anyone who doesn’t know his story, he was scooped up out of the ocean by a fishermen, it would appear that he was discovered on another boat and tossed into the ocean. His will to live is something that should be respected and admired. The vet guessed him to be around 10 years of age, and judging by his nails and due-claws curling right around and back under his paws, he had never been properly cared for. He was infested with tics and flees, and he has subsequently lost his hearing due to the length of time he spent in the water, he has also had to have his left eye removed do to infection. I feel blessed to be the one who gets to show him how all animals deserve to live and to be treated, people say that he’s lucky to have me in his life, but it’s the other way around…..he has been renamed “Wilson”, after the movie Castaway. Thank you for bringing him to Canada, despite his age and ailments, my heart has grown even bigger, because of him!!”


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What a wonderful story!!!

Unimaginable, which make Wilson’s story so rich. (loved the movie too.) What a survivor with a grin, no less!

All that hardship and Wilson can still smile, thank you for providing a loving home for him.

I love this story and Wilson is a great name. I’m so glad has a chance to feel happiness and love and I agree they definately give us more than we could ever give them.

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