Isla Animals: Sixty Puppies Adopted in 3 Months

We are back up to twenty one puppies, even after sending out over sixty in the last three months. But of course, it’s wonderful news because if we keep the puppies from hitting the street and keep spaying and neutering the adults we’ll catch up with the overpopulation of cats and dogs in Mexico sooner than later.

This past weekend Dr. Pepe Vegas came to the house and spayed fourteen female pups and neutered four male pups, all in my laundry room. It was a mini clinic. He also did a tooth extraction and gave the first treatment for heartworm to Cecilia. I adopted Cecilia out to a local family around four years ago and then found her in the street last week, poor thing was bone skinny. She tested positive to both ehrlichia (a tic born disease) and heartworm. I’m sure she will fatten up when we get these things under control and she’s glad to be home.

We also had another small victory last week. There is a large white lab that guards the airport tower on the island and she has been popping out puppies for years. Last week the men that work there finally agreed to have her spayed. Yahoo. And we got her last four puppies, they are incredibly, grit your teeth, adorable.


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I saw an article in a Ladies Home Journal Magazine and had to check out your web site. Very interesting!

Have donated before and will do again, brakes my heart to see what is happening with those poor animals. i also seen the article in the Ladies Journal. Keep doing the woderful job you all are doing.

I read the article in Ladies Home Journal and wanted to make a donation – keep up the good work!

I saw your article in the ladies home journal,and had to check it out. You are to be commended for what you are doing. Education and spaying and nutering are the best results for Mexico. I would love to visit, but I am too scared to venture into Mexico; had a bad run in with the federales on a recent cruise. Anyway i would love to be on your e-mail list and will try to donate when i can. God bless you for helping to change the world, one critter at a time. sue

I saw your article in Ladies Home Journal and had to check out your website. I also work in rescue and with a group that does TNR for feral cats. I know how hard it is! God bless you for all you do for the animals.

We were on Isla 3 years ago and found out about Allison and her mission. While visiting her house we fell in love with a little black dog ridden with mange. We took him to the vet, smuggled him into K.C., Missouri where he lives a happy, healthy life with his other 3 canine sisters and two feline sisters. One day, when we return to the island, which we do twice a year, we will bring back one or two more puppies. I urge each of you to do the same and you will be happy and satisfied that you did.

My fiance and I will be getting married at Zama in April 2011. I found your sight on the Sunhorse website. I adopted my dog Marley 8 1/2 years ago from the Humane Society in San Diego. He dies just 6 weeks ago and it has left a hole in my heart. How does adoption work if I were to adopt a puppy in Mexico and return to the US?

We have many left-over meds from our two mutts, we don’t want to simply toss them out. Is there a way to send them to your shelter? Our dog owner friends also have lots of left-over meds to donate as well.

KAEM family

I would like to be put on your e mail list. I am planning to move back to Baja, in the Mulege area and so love what you are doing where you are and wondering if you might share some info about how you originally got started with your work. There is such a need for this kind of thing all thru Mexico and Baja has more than its share of unwanted dogs and cats as well as inhumane population control methods being used. I would love to be involved or even spear head something like your program where I will be living as I am an animal lover also and have rescued and kept several dogs while living there.

thanks and thanks too for all the wonderful work you are doing there!!
Wanda Lee

Hi, Allison,
I just got home after the CAC clinic. I have a friend in Cancun that wants to adopt. Do you have pictures of dogs recently sterilized that are up for adoption. She wants a youngish dog, male or female. ( not a puppy) that can make noise and therefore take care of her house.. It will be an indoor/outdoor dog with no other dogs in house & will have an enclosed yard. She takes good care of her dogs. Thanks for all you did at the clinic. It was a tremendous job.

hola vi su correo y que bueno que hay gente que se preocupa por los animales yo tengo varios perritos y gatitos ya todos esterilizados y castrados con ayuda de animalscancun ya que los quiero mucho y no me gusta verlos sufrir por eso me atrevo a pedirles si me pueden ayudar con unos perritod que tenga solo que los tengan en cuenta para adopcion ya que por la cantidad que tengo aveces se me hace muy dificil darles de comer solo son 3 que si pueden tomar en cuenta y si pueden les mando las fotos gracis por escucharme y ojala me tomem en cuenta. gracias.

LHJ article peaked my interest to visit your web site. What a wonderful organization you have established. I often saw the street dogs and my heart aches thinking they have a lonely sad life. Your agency offers hope to so many of these dogs now. I will visit you on my next trip.

I too help rescue animals, to date I have 6 dogs all taken off the streets and in my home, my three girls are all spayed, my three boys are all neutered. My four male cats are neutered and I feed between 120 to 15 cats on my front porch every morning at 4 AM and every night at 7 PM of which I have managed to trap and spay/neuter 10 cats, I am working on catching them all. I too read your article in Ladies Home Journal and it brought more than a tear to my eyes, what heart breaking stories, I commend you on all the good work you are doing. At this time I cannot afford to donate but you can be sure I will in the future future

I read about your organization in Ladies Home Journal and was so moved I just had to check out your website. You have done an extremely wonderful thing and it’s exactly they work you do and the heart and passion you put into it that gives me faith in the human race. I love animals, have six cats and one dog of my own and I would die for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and our little fur-children thank you too!

I have some teenage dogs at my house that would be great for someone and I have Chowder, who is older and he is absolutley the best and would make a great watch dog and loves to cuddle, you can see him on the adoption page

Dear Wanda, thanks for writing, I sort of fell into all this by accident. I couldn’t stand the suffering so I started taking in dogs and caring for them. Then before I knew it I had forty dogs so of course I had to find animal rescues that would take in some of my dogs. Before I knew I was working full time in dog rescue and all my friends were people involved in the same activities. It all started small but grew very fast because as you say there are so many animals in need in Mexico.

I’ll take anything, if I can’t use it I will make sure it gets to someone who can. You can send it to my address in Colorado and then I can bring it down or send it down with other travelers. Thanks for thinking of us. Alison

I’m so sorry about your dog. You can check out on my web site to see what I have and it really depends where you live on how easy it will be to adopt. Let me know. alison

Wow feral cats, we did a catch and release clinic for feral cats on the island this February. I love trapping them, it’s like fishing. We have tons of cats on the island right now, we are trying to do some every week. Alison

So sorry about your run in with the federales, they can definitely be scary. Isla Mujeres is very low key, you might want to try it some day. We can always use donations and we put every penny to work with the animals. alison

Thank you so much, we are trying to do as may spay and neuter clinics as we can and they definitely take money. It is the best answer to the animal suffering, hopefully we will catch up. They say if you spay and neuter 70% of the population you are starting to get even.

Thanks so much for your donation, we never waste a penny. alison

Thanks for your interest, if we can spay and neuter enough animals and get the population under control we can alleviate so much suffering. alison

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