Jenny of the Mangrove, Another Dog Rescued with Success

Rebecca and Barb visit the island often, in fact they are opening a new restaurant called THE BLUE IGUANA with Lori and Polo who own and run the Mango Café, which is fabulous. Rebecca and Barb have always helped us with the animals, bringing down supplies and donations and taking puppies home to Colorado. This year during their visit they called me late in the afternoon to say that they’d seen a young puppy in the mangroves near a dock with some fishing boats. The fishermen said that the puppy had just showed up one day and that they‘d fed it occasionally but it was really skinny and fearful. Could I come and help them catch it.

Beauty Looking Good

I was there in twenty minutes with a crate, towels, dog food and a catching pole. By then the pup had gone deeper in the mangroves and we could hardly see it. Undaunted we trekked through the mud which would occasionally suck the sandals right off of our feet trying to get closer. It became quickly obvious that the little guy had a huge advantage and at one point even started to swim to get away from us. We decided to set a trap.

The next morning Jeff and I were disappointed to see that the trap was empty. We were going to put some new food in it when we noticed a tuft of golden fur sticking out between the folds of a discarded peace of foam rubber. There she was, sound asleep. We thought we might grab the whole bit of foam but worried that she would wiggle out, so we decided to get as close as we could and use the pole. It has a loop of wire at one end that can be dropped over the head and then pulled tight through the other end. It doesn’t hurt them and gives you a few extra feet of reach. The puppy heard us coming and lifted her head, I lowered the pole and it was easy, easy, easy. We were so excited. The thought of her alone and starving in the mangrove had kept me up the night before.

happy puppies

She was smaller than we expected and skin and bones but we have her at the house, in fact she has been staying in our bedroom. We named her Jenny after a kind tourist who saw her and gave us a donation for food. Jenny is very shy but getting more comfortable by the minute. She’s going to be beautiful.


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What a wonderful website and great work you are doing! We run a weekly “Adopt a Pet” section on our website (based in Merida). We’re going to add this website to the list of resources at the end of the article. Thank you for all you do!

That would be great, thank you.

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