Volunteer With Us

You can volunteer at any time.

For more information on current volunteering opportunities please contact the following:

Alison: Click Here »

Our Volunteers:

We are so lucky to have many wonderful volunteers come to the island to help our animals.

Many many thanks to Chris who volunteers his time to work on the web site. He has to show me everything because I’m on a need to know basis when it comes to computers.

Chris, our web site genius

Chris, our web site genius

Aviva has been here a few times. She took these two cuties home the first time she came and the last time she was here she brought us Polomo who was so badly wounded but is recovering well.

These two are going with me

These two are going with me

More Volunteers:

Silvia from Montreal and she stayed with us for months doing everything from helping with surgery to painting the clinic.

Andrea from Newfoundland has come to the island twice. She worked hard and took home one of our dogs.

Nicole came here from Alaska and promises to come back. She worked hard to help move the clinic to a new location as well as many other things.

Lisa has saved countless street dogs and donates medicine to the pound in Cancun plus donates financially to our project.

Alex has done so much for our island dogs it is hard to know where to begin. She is a vet tech and has taught me so much about caring for the puppies I have lost very few since we met. Alex also finds homes for my dogs and she cares for them as much as I do.

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