Animal Portraits

Portraits by Abigail Sawyer 10% of the proceeds are going to Isla Animals

Portraits…a wonderful way to capture the life and love of our most cherished companions. Our pets provide us with a special kind of love and friendship. For years I have enjoyed providing people with beautiful keepsakes that will help that love last forever. Abigail Bryce Sawyer


If you are interested in owning a painting or drawing of a pet that you have, or a pet that you’ve lost, then please contact me. I would be grateful for the opportunity to provide you with a portrait that you can cherish for ever.
Abigail Bryce Sawyer

Water color of Hotch

Abigail Sawyer

This is Oakly, a dog that we had when my children were growing up. Abigail did this pencil sketch when she was fifteen years old. Amazing.

These pictures have been scanned from Abigail’s brochure so you are seeing them third or fourth generation from the original. They are all fabulous.

Abigail works most fondly and comfortably with watercolor and charcoal/pencil, but she’s willing to discuss other mediums that you might be interested in. She is used to working from photographs and will be happy to help you choose the best one.

Pricing varies, and is based on size, medium and content. Abigail is always happy to work with you to find a price that you’re both comfortable with.

You can contact Abigail directly at
Be sure to put portrait in the subject.
Or you can contact me, Alison, at

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