Great News for Our Mamma

A few days ago I wrote about a poodle momma who was abandoned after she had eight puppies. Well two wonderful people from the island came forward and offered to foster her and her pups until they’re old enough to put up for adoption. So far she’s been in a small cage at the vets office and I would go everyday and take her for a walk. Well now she will be loved, have space to move around, and a warm, safe place for her puppies. Yahoo. The picture below is her now.

Another side to this story which I realized yesterday is that I know this dog. I sat with her when she first came in, she was so weak. After that, when she was feeling better she was always so glad to see me. Well I thought it was just my doggy charm, ha, ha, but it’s because she knows me from last spring. The picture below is her last spring. What do you think, is it the same dog? Hard to tell.

Last spring I was in one of the poorer neighborhoods on the island and saw a black poodle that was obviously nursing. I sat on the curb with her and picked tics, until a woman told me that she knew where the poodle lived. I went to the house and there were her pups. It was a horrible situation for them, dirty etc. so I asked the owners if I could take the mom and pups to my house and clean them up. They agreed.

We had her at the house for two weeks and then gave her back. The owners had homes for the pups and promised me that they would have her spayed. Well guess what —- they gave her away without ever spaying her and here she is again with pups. This time I will make sure it happens and then she can get her figure back. Just a quick note, that white and brown puppy at the end was from another litter and I snuck her in there for a little extra nourishment.


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Ah! When I saw her pictures I thought I knew her!!! I wanted to take her to MN the last time with her puppies and it was too late in the season, remember?? This is my second chance to help her maybe….We would love to help her and her pups find a home in MN when they are big enough:)

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