We got a new dog last week. He was at a house where they tied him up all day and the caretaker didn’t like him. We were glad to have him, he’s handsome, smart and very well behaved. Well, we were taking him, RED, for a walk a few days ago and all of a sudden he started to howl. Coming towards us was a smiling woman who only had eyes for Red. She explained that Red had been a street dog who lived in front of her house and that she really adored him but she already had two dogs and couldn’t keep him. She said that he’d disappeared. Were they ever glad to see each other.Our smiling friend was sure she could find a new home for Red. The next morning I got a call to bring him down island to his new home. What a treat.

My friend Moby makes a calendar every year and part of the proceeds are donated to Isla Animals. This year she did something different and added a before and after picture of our beautiful dogs to each month.

The Calendars start with the month of May and the pictures are superb. If you are interested in purchasing one, they are $15.00 plus shipping and you can contact Moby at

Moby would like to get orders before April 15th so she can order another printing.


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