When we do spay and neuter clinics it’s so important to check on the animals that have had surgery. Many of the islanders don’t have cars and most taxis won’t pick people with dogs up, especially when the animal has a big open wound. So for a few days after the clinics we visit the animals to make sure they are healing well.
It was a good thing that Bonnie checked on one pup because the pup was infected and needed to be restitched. But there was an extra bonus for me because I got some added puppy time. Across the street there was a litter of five little beauties. We took them home for a bath and deworming and we are going back when I get some vaccinations so they stay healthy.
You should have seen me on the back of Pepe’s motto with a pup in each arm and my helmet, which was too big, flapping in the wind behind me and no hands to do anything about it. I wish we had taken that picture.


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