I got an email weeks ago about a mom and her pups. I blogged about it. The mom was older and they were living in the bushes. I tried to get the pups but the owners wanted to wait until their daughter picked one. I was stumped, I can’t be accused of stealing puppies or no one will trust me. Then I got an email from a tourist saying he’d seen some pups and the bartender at the establishment (which is on the beach) had asked him if he wanted one. Well that changes the rules.

So we went back last night and picked them up. We left the Isla Animals card so they would know where they were. By the time I got home with them I was too annoyed to offer even one back. They were starving. Puppies are cute but guess what —- you have to feed them.

They spent their first day here in our ridiculously big bath tub.


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