Fifty Puppies Rescued, 10 Left

We have been puppified. It’s been truly amazing. During the spay and neuter clinic in October I had three—ten day old pups so whenever someone brought in a nursing mother to be spayed I would plug my pups in and inevitably end up talking to the moms owners. Of course I’d ask about the pups and tell them that if they couldn’t find homes for the pups…. I would take them.

Loving their food

Puppy five

If those pups end up in the streets it just sets back everything we are trying to do. WELL….. I ended up with over fifty puppies. Actually some were from the island but since mid October we’ve had more than fifty puppies and we only have ten left now. It’s incredible. We only lost one little guy, which was one of the ten day old pups and they’re impossible, in fact I was surprised that two of them survived.

Puppy four

I have given the puppies numbers in hopes that anyone reading this newsletter will help me come up with names. Just email the number of the puppy and the name you like in our contact form.

Puppy six

I got the last six, on Saturday, Dec 12. We’d just sent ten to Boston and two to Billings, Montana so Jeff, who thought we were going to get a break from the mountain of puppy poop we’ve been cleaning up every day, wasn’t pleased, but I couldn’t leave them.

Puppy two

Puppy one

These little guys were/are in bad shape and they wouldn’t have made it in the situation they were living in. Then yesterday, (a week later) we went back to where we found them because the woman who lived there insisted on keeping one. It had bothered me all week. Thinking of him there and only being fed left over tortilla’s which offers very little nutrition. I knew that last one wouldn’t survive without help. Luckily when we explained how much was needed by the rest of the litter she agreed to let me take him for two weeks and then she wants him back.

Our new little pup

I’ve never, I mean never seen that many tics in a puppies ear, at least one so young. Today we took a picture of him and one of his litter mates who has already had a week of good food. In fact I picked the smallest of the litter to do the comparison. It’s incredible.

one week of food and no worms

It’s going to take a while to get these guys shining but they are lovely, sweet little things and I look forward to seeing them every morning. Plus it’s going to be really hard to give that last little guy back but part of our program is education and I’ll work with the owner, she has two older dogs that look pretty good. She’s already ahead of the norm, she brought the mom into be spayed and she asked me to take the puppies.

Proud pups – got hold of a roll of paper towel


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God bless you for what you are doing. I have many animals of my own and have taken in strays as well. But you are doing what is really needed. I wish I could and I wish more people would do what you are doing. I will contribute whenever possible.

Thanks so much, every little bit counts. alison

Every animal saved is a world saved.
God bless you for the wonderful work you do.

Have you thought of asking the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a grant to help with your work?
Dogs are such supports to humans, beautiful animals, that the Foundation may see saving dogs as part of saving people and children.
Wouldn’t hurt to try…..Melinda Gates is said to be a tremendously compassionate woman.

You are truly a very special person. While vacationing in St Lucia I could not stand to see the strays starving with no home. I applaude you for all you do!!!

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