Last year, in March, we had a spay and neuter campaign at the Guatalupana. During lunch one day I noticed a group of children running around with two very small puppies. When I looked closer, the pups were obviously sick so, of course, I asked the kids if I could take the pups to my house. Sadly, by the time I got them home, the white one, who we called Mini, was unconscious. I managed to get some fluids in her and after 24 hours I was pretty sure she would live. The other one, who we named Buff, was stronger and survived as well.
That was a year ago. Since then whenever I visit the area Buff is always glad to see me and he looks healthy and happy. But last Monday his family called me to say that he was very sick. By the time I got to their house Buff couldn’t walk. In the last month we’ve seen two cases of tic paralysis so I was sure that this was yet another case. I gave them the appropriate medicine and told them to call me if things didn’t improve. Two days later they called again to say he was worse. When I arrived, it was an awful sight, he was lying in the dirt covered with ants and mud and he’d wounded his left eye by banging his head on a log while trying to get up. It broke my heart. We brought Buff to my house, cleaned him up, put him on IV fluids and started inject-able meds.
That was five days ago, some days he was better and some he was worse, but through it all he wagged his tail every time he saw me. Today he’s finally moving his legs a bit and if we position him properly he can even sit for a while. Then his owner showed up and Buff perked up even more. We are hopeful that he’ll continue to improve. He’s definitely staying here with us until he can walk. We have a perfect place for him where the breeze comes through the pillars and keeps him cool.


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I was wondering about why the children were running around with the puppies in their arms, this happens too often, the children do not realize they can harm these little ones. Hope Buff improves fully, I will pray for him. I just don’t know whether they sould be returned to this home.

This is actually a good home now, the family cares for him. Initially the children should never have been running around with the pups, I agree. For some reason no one was watching them that day, but it wasn’t the reason the pups were sick. They were dehydrated and malnurished.

Alison you are an angel, wish I could afford to send you money. Maybe soon if our land sells. Keep up the good work. Hopefully I can come and visit Brenda next winter and come and help you. Deanna Nash(Brenda Lamonica’s mother)

That would be great, we can always use help. Buff is better today, he pulled himself across the courtyard last night. I’m about to go down and give him a bath.

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