Comings and Goings

First an update on our little Pinky and Tulio. They are both doing well. Pinky had some problems and we had to operate again but she is definitely on the mend now.

Next we got two of our dogs back from the vet in Cancun. One was hit by a car in October. Her name is Laura and she has some issues that we can’t identify. The incredibly fabulous news is that my friend’s Ina and James took her back to New York where they have a modern vet clinic. They’re going to do every test on the planet until they can find out what her problem is.

Our other cutie is little Playa, she was the only survivor from a family in the Playa del Carmen pound. And she is just a little sweet heart.

Marcelino just came in with three tiny little pups, I’ll post pictures of them tomorrow. Gotta go soak some dog food for them.


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