I have so many puppies that today is the first day I’ve had time to put them all on the website. Have a look, they are all beautiful. Each one has a story and I will try to post more often to let you know.


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Hi Alison I have had the pleasure of meeting you several times during my annual visits to Isla. On one occasion I called you to assist a dog in distress behind the landry booth near the north end of Hidalgo. That poor dog didn’t make it but he would have if I had found him sooner. You and Jeff drove down and picked him up and assured me that you would stay with him until he passed and that was some comfort but I don’t want this happening again. Last night I saw another dog in almost the same place, I have seen this dog for years and I believe he is a pet. He is always in front of the houses across from the north end of Hidalgo. ( near the paper mache studio and laundry ) This year he is a lot thinner than I have ever seen him..his pelvis bones are sticking out at least an inch,his coat is a mess and he has some kind of sore on his right ear. I worry about him getting a systemic infection from something that could be easily treated ( that is what happened to the first dog ) I would be willing to help with veterinary costs and you can reach me at Color De Verano apt 2, or email me . I love the work you are doing here and I hate to add to it but this poor dog deserves more out of life and I don’t think it will take too much to get him back on track. If he is owned perhaps his owners would agree to having him treated and hopefully they would respond to some advice on how to maintain his health so this doesn’t happen again. I am not even certain you are on the island at the moment. If you are away please let me know who else I can call. I will be here for at least another month and I would like to see you before I leave the island, thank-you so much, Karla

PS Congratulations on your book. I bought a copy a few years ago. Well done !

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