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This year (my years always start in September) we are having two clinics in Bonfil. It is a poor area in Cancun near the Airport. The street population of cats and dogs is over the top. Last year we did a clinic there in January and Isla Animals took home 65 puppies. We do not put puppies back on the streets. Older dogs with survival skills who would be hard to turn into house pets are spayed/neutered and put back exactly where we found them. Often times they have territories and people who occasionally feed them.

But the puppies are a whole different thing, so they come to us. This November 5-10 we are joining with Planned Pethood, Candi International, Cancun Animal Rescue, Coco’s Cat Rescue, Luum Balicheo, Jaguar Cats, Animalistas and Rescate Malix for our next large scale spay and neuter clinic. We are hoping to do over 1000 animals.

Our next large scale clinic after that will be in January with Vidas and we are hoping for the same number of surgeries. If we keep hitting this area we WILL make a huge difference. We also do special surgeries or arrange to have them done if the need comes to our attention. Like Pablo who had a broken hip.


I actually called Doug and Eileen about two puppies called Ringo and Star. I was going to ask them to foster the pups. They were excited about it and came over to meet their new project but then we got distracted. Thank goodness their gulf cart broke down because the man that fixes it had a momma and four pups at his house. When I heard that I asked if I could go and see them and then I put de-wormer in my purse, it’s such a boost for a nursing mom. When we saw the mom and the pups it was clear that something had to change. The owner said that two of the pups had already died. So we asked them if we could take them all to my house to get them cleaned up. As usual they looked at us like we were crazy but agreed. Wow, the mom had so many ticks that we had to pick her for hours before we could give her a bath. She had a nail that was so long that it had curled around and jabbed back into her toe which was, of course, infected. Her eyes were infected, her skin had patches of infection and she was so listless that she let us do what ever we wanted to her.She’s a small white dog and has four two week old pups left that are a beautiful brown. The pups were covered with ticks and fleas too but we couldn’t use the tick and flea killing shampoo on them so we just picked at them as they wiggled madly, trying to get back to mom. Their eyes are just open but they aren’t walking yet. Talk about a project. We spent the rest of the day cleaning her up, treating her wounds, cutting off all of her knots and rubbing ointment into the sore spots.Then we called the owners to ask if we could keep her for a few weeks and take care of her pups. They agreed so Eileen and Doug left with a completely different project than they expected.


Buff is finally getting a bit better every day. Yesterday I gave him a bath and he loved it and today I had him up on all four legs. He could take a step if I supported him. Yahoo I’m so glad that he has stopped dragging himself around, he was rubbing his legs raw.
Some other good news is the progress with Missy. From the beginning she was the shyest of our pups. We could pick her up if we cornered her but she was terrified. The good thing was that she never bit or even snarled. Well we sent out the last two pups, Roz and Davie who were in her kennel and she got really lonely. I think she decided that she better try that “people thing” if she wanted any attention. She is coming along beautifully.


Last year, in March, we had a spay and neuter campaign at the Guatalupana. During lunch one day I noticed a group of children running around with two very small puppies. When I looked closer, the pups were obviously sick so, of course, I asked the kids if I could take the pups to my house. Sadly, by the time I got them home, the white one, who we called Mini, was unconscious. I managed to get some fluids in her and after 24 hours I was pretty sure she would live. The other one, who we named Buff, was stronger and survived as well.
That was a year ago. Since then whenever I visit the area Buff is always glad to see me and he looks healthy and happy. But last Monday his family called me to say that he was very sick. By the time I got to their house Buff couldn’t walk. In the last month we’ve seen two cases of tic paralysis so I was sure that this was yet another case. I gave them the appropriate medicine and told them to call me if things didn’t improve. Two days later they called again to say he was worse. When I arrived, it was an awful sight, he was lying in the dirt covered with ants and mud and he’d wounded his left eye by banging his head on a log while trying to get up. It broke my heart. We brought Buff to my house, cleaned him up, put him on IV fluids and started inject-able meds.
That was five days ago, some days he was better and some he was worse, but through it all he wagged his tail every time he saw me. Today he’s finally moving his legs a bit and if we position him properly he can even sit for a while. Then his owner showed up and Buff perked up even more. We are hopeful that he’ll continue to improve. He’s definitely staying here with us until he can walk. We have a perfect place for him where the breeze comes through the pillars and keeps him cool.


Ha we are still a crazy house, full to capacity. And we have our new babes that I just posted, they seem so small compared to the rest of my pups. I bring them inside in a box to feed them. The box picture is blurry because they get so hungry and excited they never stay still.

Our bathtub babes are much better as well, they are going to be big dogs and already tower over some of the pups that are older than they are.

Even though there are a ton of pups I love this time when they all at least have two vaccinations.

Pablo Got his stitches out

Our poor little Pablo was found alone in the street using three of his four legs. We brought him to the house and even though he never complained his femur was broken. Pepe fixed him up, put a pin in the bone and he is using his leg a little more every day. He is also gaining weight, I’m sure he was last in line for any tasty garbage morsels with only three legs to get there. His is so sweet and wow, what a face.

Rudy’s a Canadian

Yahoo, Rudy’s a Canadian. What a ride he’s had. Just before our November spay and neuter clinic in Corales, Cancun, my friend, Andrea and Jeff and I were driving around getting organized. We were on the road near Puerta Juarez when Andrea starts yelling, “stop, puppy”. Well it made sense to me so I started to yell, “stop puppy”. Jeff tried to pull over but there were cars in the way. Still that didn’t stop Andrea and I who had both gone “puppy blind”. We saw only one thing that mattered and that was a puppy on the side of the road. Finally my mild mannered Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and yelled “shut up.” But he still managed to stop. With Andrea and I on board he really didn’t have any choice. Ha Ha.

We found the puppy. He was skinny, and covered with tics. He was soaking wet from the rain, and had paint all over his fur. It was a construction site and the man that claimed to be his owner didn’t think there was anything the matter with Rudy. Luckily he finally consented to let us have him and we drove off with our prize. It has taken Rudy a while to grow hair and get some meat on his bones and he is just a love. He managed to charm Samantha and Chris into taking him and a buddy home. Thank heavens for dog lovers everywhere.


This is such a lovely ending to a long journey I just had to share it. First is the story of Karen at my rescue and then all of her travel trials and then a letter from the person who adopted her. It’s great. This is long but it’s worth it.

In Isla Mujeres and Cancun I’ve become the puppy person. Puppies are so difficult and at bigger risk when put in a rescue with older dogs. So Ricardo, who runs a rescue in Cancun and takes in any and every street dog and does a fabulous job and literally loves the dogs as much as I do, sent me two small puppies at the beginning of February, a male and a female, eight weeks old. They were tiny and adorable with bad skin and shaky knees from a calcium deficiency. I named them after Richard and Karen Carpenter.


Jeff and I head north for the summer months and have friends stay at our house. We try to get the number of dogs way down before we go but the math is all wrong. Yesterday I was so excited, we sent out four pups but we took in ten. Oh No. The puppies below are on their way to wonderful new homes.

Then a man showed up with three puppies that were born at Playa Indio, the were covered with fleas and in sad shape.
Then a rescue in Cancun arrived with two little cuties that had no where else to go.

Then Dr. Pepe Vega showed up with a litter of five that he rescued. This doesn’t seem to be going in the right directions. Oh Well. Something always works out.


We are having a huge spay and neuter clinic on the main land at the same location that we used in October. Wonderful place to work. A big school with lots of room. A few days ago I went over to check it out and then took a tour of the surrounding areas. Wow, these areas are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Not only does Cancun dump their garbage there but they dump dogs and pups that they want to get rid of.

Above, with the little black pup, is Jesika, who tries to help by taking food to the dogs and picks up puppies that have been abandoned. Unfortunately the people who live there won’t always let her take the pups. But Rusty was sick so they allowed me go in and check him out and then, thankfully they let me take him.

Rusty is here with us now. He’s getting the royal treatment. He needs to get used to the other dogs, I think he had to fend for himself out there and he only weighs about 5 pounds. He’s eating well, getting perkier and braver with each hour. How about that heart on his forehead. ADORABLE.

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