wounded puppy

Happy New Year

So, my years always start in September, first it was because of the kids in school but now it’s the month that we head to Mexico again. Jeff and I always drive back and forth in our RV because we just have too many supplies and too many dogs to fly.
The reason I even mention this is because so many people tell me that they want to do what we do, meaning live somewhere warm and rescue animals. So I thought, and I hope I can stick with it, that I would blog about life in Mexico doing animal rescue.
To start, I’m sitting in our new (used) RV, driving south. Our old RV was seven years old and Jeff said, “ too many things are breaking down for me to feel confident driving all the way through Mexico.” The last thing that anyone wants to do is break down in the middle of nowhere on a Mexican Highway.
We are packed to the hilt. All year people send supplies to our condo in Colorado and every year we take it down with us to save money on supplies. It really is wonderful – how much people send us.

The picture to the left shows only part of the supplies, the back bedroom is also full and the crates are in the garage. Packing the RV is a two day ordeal. The first day we pack the supplies and the second day we pack us.
Meanwhile in Mexico, the picture below is of the first puppy coming to us, it was found on the streets in very sad shape and of course there are dogs at the house already, nine of them, so here we go again.


So the story of little Boca is a sad one with a happy ending. My friend Pamela told me that there was a puppy with a broken jaw in her neighborhood. We called Pepe, the vet, and he picked her up. He had to wire her little jaw and clean up all the wounds on her head. We figure that she was bitten by a big dog because there are at least four puncture wounds on her head. But she’s back here with us again and healing very well although she looks really funny with her head shaved because the rest of her is pretty fuzzy.The good news is that she has a little friend. Pepe found little Powder when he went to one of the marinas to check on another dog. They are good company for each other. As you can see Boca’s jaw is pretty swollen but we have her on some good anti biotics.


We have some wonderful happy endings. Buff, who had tick paralysis and stayed here for almost two weeks, is home again. He’s much much better and has a loving family that missed him. It was so cute. We sent him home with an old dog crate and set it up in Buff’s front yard. Buff was inside before we finished putting it together. He just sat there looking out at us and barking “mine, mine, mine”.Then there is Kelly who was tied to my door not too long ago. She looks terrible in this picture, sadly that was how she arrived. It took three days to get all the ticks off of her but under all those ticks and fleas we found the most beautiful dog. Wow, I mean wonderful. She has already been adopted and now lives in Rhode Island, I miss her. Other good news, Momma Andrea, now Georgia has a fantastic home.It was love at first sight with her new family and now she’s living in Michigan.
But I also need some positive thinking for Boca, a puppy who my friend Pamela knew about. The poor little thing may have a broken jaw. We think that she was bitten by a much bigger dog and we’re hoping that it’s just swollen. Pepe is taking her in for x-rays. I’ll keep you updated.

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