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Here is the link to a documentary done about Isla Animals. Have a look, we are very proud of it.


Rosie’s Bow Wow club has supported Isla Animals for years. We are forever grateful for their support and encouragement.
Bow Wow contribution for 2012 was $800
Contributors were
Extra Large Bones…….Jan Gerken, Cheryl House
Medium Bones…………..Karl House
This year the donation are dedicated to Rosie, who passed away but was loved dearly.

Happy New Year

So, my years always start in September, first it was because of the kids in school but now it’s the month that we head to Mexico again. Jeff and I always drive back and forth in our RV because we just have too many supplies and too many dogs to fly.
The reason I even mention this is because so many people tell me that they want to do what we do, meaning live somewhere warm and rescue animals. So I thought, and I hope I can stick with it, that I would blog about life in Mexico doing animal rescue.
To start, I’m sitting in our new (used) RV, driving south. Our old RV was seven years old and Jeff said, “ too many things are breaking down for me to feel confident driving all the way through Mexico.” The last thing that anyone wants to do is break down in the middle of nowhere on a Mexican Highway.
We are packed to the hilt. All year people send supplies to our condo in Colorado and every year we take it down with us to save money on supplies. It really is wonderful – how much people send us.

The picture to the left shows only part of the supplies, the back bedroom is also full and the crates are in the garage. Packing the RV is a two day ordeal. The first day we pack the supplies and the second day we pack us.
Meanwhile in Mexico, the picture below is of the first puppy coming to us, it was found on the streets in very sad shape and of course there are dogs at the house already, nine of them, so here we go again.


Buff is finally getting a bit better every day. Yesterday I gave him a bath and he loved it and today I had him up on all four legs. He could take a step if I supported him. Yahoo I’m so glad that he has stopped dragging himself around, he was rubbing his legs raw.
Some other good news is the progress with Missy. From the beginning she was the shyest of our pups. We could pick her up if we cornered her but she was terrified. The good thing was that she never bit or even snarled. Well we sent out the last two pups, Roz and Davie who were in her kennel and she got really lonely. I think she decided that she better try that “people thing” if she wanted any attention. She is coming along beautifully.

Rudy’s a Canadian

Yahoo, Rudy’s a Canadian. What a ride he’s had. Just before our November spay and neuter clinic in Corales, Cancun, my friend, Andrea and Jeff and I were driving around getting organized. We were on the road near Puerta Juarez when Andrea starts yelling, “stop, puppy”. Well it made sense to me so I started to yell, “stop puppy”. Jeff tried to pull over but there were cars in the way. Still that didn’t stop Andrea and I who had both gone “puppy blind”. We saw only one thing that mattered and that was a puppy on the side of the road. Finally my mild mannered Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and yelled “shut up.” But he still managed to stop. With Andrea and I on board he really didn’t have any choice. Ha Ha.

We found the puppy. He was skinny, and covered with tics. He was soaking wet from the rain, and had paint all over his fur. It was a construction site and the man that claimed to be his owner didn’t think there was anything the matter with Rudy. Luckily he finally consented to let us have him and we drove off with our prize. It has taken Rudy a while to grow hair and get some meat on his bones and he is just a love. He managed to charm Samantha and Chris into taking him and a buddy home. Thank heavens for dog lovers everywhere.


Your going to love this story. Last spring a man who lives on his boat in the bay next to Isla Mujeres fished an old dog out of the ocean. He said the poor thing was so exhausted that he was about to go under. He fed him a wonderful dinner of hot dogs and kept him over night. But it was obvious that the little guy wasn’t healthy so he brought him to me. What a cutie. He looks like a golden retriever puppy except that he’s really old. It was obvious from his condition that he’d never been well cared for. He had nails that were so long his toes had to bend to walk on them, infected eyes, tics and fleas, and scars and he was very quiet.

We gave him a bath and kept him separate from the other dogs because we suspected that he had hearing and seeing problems. He had this way of shutting down, he wouldn’t respond to people at all but he got better and we sent him north. They were surprised that we sent such an old dog but when they saw him they were so glad he was there. Well the best part of animal rescue are the pictures and letters that you get back about the dogs you’ve cared for when they are in their new homes. This is what I just got about Just-in, now called Wilson, for obvious reasons.


The good news is that Beatrice’s gums are now more pink than white. That’s a great indicator of better blood quality. She can actually sit up if we put her back against something, other wise her back legs slide and she ends up lying down again. I boiled her two chickens yesterday and she’s loving it.I’ve been feeding her in the middle of the night so she gets six small meals a day.Today I think she’s well enough to cut her hair a bit.I’m going to start her on anti biotics soon, I’m hoping that she has advanced erhlichia and might even be able to walk again.


This little 5 year or so old poodle was dropped off at our animal clinic in Isla Mujeres. She is one of the skinniest dogs I’ve ever seen. You can’t tell because of her fur but she’s bones. She’s so weak that she can’t walk. But she’s here now and we have her on an IV with fluids and vitamins.
Poor little Beatrice was so dirty that we had to soak her for a while to get some of the matting and filth off of her. She is much happier now. Beatrice is dry and warm and eating specially cooked liver. Let’s hope she gets her strength back. Cross your fingers and toes and I will update on her as often as I can.


Our nights are pretty noisy these days. It’s just the way things are set up and of course the addition of a few hound dogs doesn’t help. The whole thing is a funny chain of events. We have tons of growing puppies in the courtyard of our house which is right below our bedroom. Well these little cuties can’t make it through the night without more food, or more room, or less poop, or more water, they always find some excuse to wake us up at two am each morning.

So I go down to see what’s up. When the lights go on the outside dogs start to bark which wakes up the basset hounds which spreads around the idea that she’s in heat, which gets all the male dogs up. Then the male basset hound gets all annoyed and thinks his girl friend is flirting so he starts to howl and then she beats him up which makes all the dogs go nuts.

Luckily we are having a spay and neuter clinic next week and we will remove all of the body parts that cause these problems.

Donations From the Bow Wow Club

Isla Animals is so lucky to be the recipient of generous donations from the Bow Wow Club. They have made so much of our work and many of our programs possible such as spay and neuter clinics, vaccines, tick and flea medicine, parasite control, wound treatment, foster care, and re-homing. Spear headed by Cheryl House these donations have made an enormous difference, totaling $2,620.00 in the 2010—-How fantastic is that. I would like to add that Isla Animals accepts this support in memory of Art MurKovich, Fred and Maggie Brewis, and Robert Rehm (known in Nauti Beach as ‘Big Bob’).

2010 Rosies Bow Wow Club

EXTRA LARGE BONES — $300.00 and over
Cheryl House

LARGE BONES — $100.00 TO $299.00
Lael House Wojcik
Ron and Diane Seals
John and Jean Epler
James and Kristin Yasord

MEDIUM BONES — $50.00 to $99.00
Mark and Janice McGrann
Julie Howard
Gail Smith
Roxanne Osantowski
Don and Erlene Reha
Dan Lindner
Drew and Alison House
Todd House
Karl and Deanne House
Jan and Terry Gerken
Bob and Julie Clampett
In Memory of Robert Rehm (Nauti Beach – Big Bob)
In Memory of Fred and Maggie Brewis
In Memory of Art Murkovich

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