tick paralysis


We have some wonderful happy endings. Buff, who had tick paralysis and stayed here for almost two weeks, is home again. He’s much much better and has a loving family that missed him. It was so cute. We sent him home with an old dog crate and set it up in Buff’s front yard. Buff was inside before we finished putting it together. He just sat there looking out at us and barking “mine, mine, mine”.Then there is Kelly who was tied to my door not too long ago. She looks terrible in this picture, sadly that was how she arrived. It took three days to get all the ticks off of her but under all those ticks and fleas we found the most beautiful dog. Wow, I mean wonderful. She has already been adopted and now lives in Rhode Island, I miss her. Other good news, Momma Andrea, now Georgia has a fantastic home.It was love at first sight with her new family and now she’s living in Michigan.
But I also need some positive thinking for Boca, a puppy who my friend Pamela knew about. The poor little thing may have a broken jaw. We think that she was bitten by a much bigger dog and we’re hoping that it’s just swollen. Pepe is taking her in for x-rays. I’ll keep you updated.

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