Most people may think that my life is animal rescue but I am actually a potter. If you look closely at the pictures of the vet doing spays and neuters in my studio you can see that it’s actually a pottery studio. Not that I have time to make pots or any room between operating tables and drawers of supplies.
Arturo, a wonderful vet from Cancun, was here from 9am to 6pm and we spayed 6 females and neutered 6 males. The pups were great and we had a recovery team taking care of every one of them as they woke up.
We always use what ever we have, creating spay hooks out of knitting needles and making our own suture with needles and reels. It works.


We just finished a spay and neuter clinic on the island. It was great. Our goal was sixty or seventy animals and we did one hundred and two. How cool is that.
Above is our check in crew and then Bonnie, the boss, multi-tasking. We had two operating tables, one for Delfino and one for Arturo, who has a clinic in Cancun and came to work all three days.

We had tons of volunteers, Umberto did the drugs, and lunches were donated by Lolo Valentino’s, Jax, and Barlitos. Needless to say, we ate very well.
Here are some of the cuties that were brought to the clinic. It was a great three days and there will be more to come soon. Many of the supplies that we used were left over from our Cancun clinic that was funded by Jennifer Pryor and George Lopez.


What a magnificent week we’ve had. Bonfil, Cancun, near the airport where the street dog population is heartbreaking. Candi, Isla Animals and Planned Pethood did a 5 day clinic. We spayed and neutered 1,574 cats and dogs. I still can’t believe it. What a team. Everyone from Canada, the USA, different parts of Mexico, and Cuba came together to make this happen. The impact on this area will be incredible.

As usual, we don’t put puppies back in the street so Isla Animals brought home 29 pups. We only took the ones that needed help or were too young to adopt out. The rest were adopted out the last day of the clinic with the help of local animal rescue groups who helped with the clinic.

Do you know how long it takes to vaccinate and deworm that many puppies.


So the story of little Boca is a sad one with a happy ending. My friend Pamela told me that there was a puppy with a broken jaw in her neighborhood. We called Pepe, the vet, and he picked her up. He had to wire her little jaw and clean up all the wounds on her head. We figure that she was bitten by a big dog because there are at least four puncture wounds on her head. But she’s back here with us again and healing very well although she looks really funny with her head shaved because the rest of her is pretty fuzzy.The good news is that she has a little friend. Pepe found little Powder when he went to one of the marinas to check on another dog. They are good company for each other. As you can see Boca’s jaw is pretty swollen but we have her on some good anti biotics.


When we do spay and neuter clinics it’s so important to check on the animals that have had surgery. Many of the islanders don’t have cars and most taxis won’t pick people with dogs up, especially when the animal has a big open wound. So for a few days after the clinics we visit the animals to make sure they are healing well.
It was a good thing that Bonnie checked on one pup because the pup was infected and needed to be restitched. But there was an extra bonus for me because I got some added puppy time. Across the street there was a litter of five little beauties. We took them home for a bath and deworming and we are going back when I get some vaccinations so they stay healthy.
You should have seen me on the back of Pepe’s motto with a pup in each arm and my helmet, which was too big, flapping in the wind behind me and no hands to do anything about it. I wish we had taken that picture.


Peace, with help and supplies from CANDI and Isla Animals organized a spay and neuter clinic on Isla Mujeres from April 9 to April 13. What a great week. We did exactly one hundred cats and dogs and a few special cases.
As usual we picked some of the dogs up at the Gautalupana where the kids always help and we had great volunteers at the clinic.
We spayed my Momma Chima and her four pups. Momma decided to recuperate in one of my flower pots.

Spay and Neuter Clinics

Wow, it has been the month of spay and neuters. With the help of CANDI, (Cats and Dogs International) Isla Animals did three days in Puerto Juarez where the ferry boat from Isla Mujeres lands on the Cancun side. We did 80 cats and dogs with a minimal amount of people and fuss. It was wonderful. We have started to invite the dog and cat owners into the recovery room to help care for their pets. It’s a great educational tool as we have them cut nails and clean ears and watch us make a big fuss over every animal that comes in. Jannet and Fredrique joined us from Isla and ran a tight recovery room. And we were really lucky to have Colette and Alex there to keep things running smoothly. A special thanks to Pamela from Puerto Juarez, she did a lot of work setting things up.

Pablo Got his stitches out

Our poor little Pablo was found alone in the street using three of his four legs. We brought him to the house and even though he never complained his femur was broken. Pepe fixed him up, put a pin in the bone and he is using his leg a little more every day. He is also gaining weight, I’m sure he was last in line for any tasty garbage morsels with only three legs to get there. His is so sweet and wow, what a face.


Isla Animals and Candi ( have big plans for the next year. We are planning a mega-teaching spay and neuter clinic for the vets in the Isla Mujeres – Cancun area. We are hoping to train 48 vets in a high volume, low cost, safe surgery technique during the first week of November.
After that we have plans for many more clinics. Spay and neuter is the answer to improving the sad state of the cats and dogs and we are determined to make a difference.

The reason I bring this up is in years past people have sent us a wonderful variety of supplies that have allowed us to operate on more animals with less money. To those who have donated in the past, thank you very much and if you can again that would be wonderful and to anyone that could donate now, it makes a huge difference.


What a week. We had our clinic in Corales with local volunteers, vets and techs from Canada and the USA and of course Pepe. It was incredible. We’d planned to sterilize four to five hundred cats and dogs but with dedication, hard work and persistence we did seven hundred and sixty one. Can you believe it.

We took in wonderful pups, check out my adoption site, it’s completely updated and the adopted pups have been moved to the adopted page. I have so many more pictures, I will post them soon.

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