Spay and neuter clinics


Before Christmas we went out to the Guatalupana after hearing that there was one family with thirteen puppies. We found the house. One momma had 5 six week old puppies and the other momma had 8 two week old puppies.We took the older puppies and Delfino spayed the mom but we had to leave the younger ones behind. I made a note to myself to return. Then after Christmas someone came to my house with a little puppy that someone had handed them on New Years Eve. The pup came from the same area and was about the right age so I pulled up my picture of the younger pups and there she was.If you check the bundle of puppies the new little one is upper right. So now I’m worried. These pups are too young to be given away. If the family has started to hand them out, I’m going to get them. Which I did. There were five left.We gave them all baths, picked off the ticks and fleas and then of course they got new clothes. ha ha This is what dog rescue people do when they have time on their hands.


Remember we are a 501C3. So you can still give a donation before midnight and get a tax deduction. Here is a rundown on some of the things that a donation would pay for.
$4.00 will deworm 4 puppies, what a difference that can make
$8.00 a vaccine, saves puppies every day
$20.00 pays for one spay or neuter, the math is incredible on how many puppies or kittens one sterilization can prevent from being born
$25.00 buys a bottle of doxycycline with 500 – 100 mg. tabs. This cures ehrlichia which affects almost every dog in Mexico, and it’s also good for respiratory infections. When one pup gets one of those and there are 45 other pups in the rescue, it spreads like crazy.
$25.00 pays for someone to work for seven hours cleaning up after and feeding our pups
$25.00 pays for one soft carrier that one of our pups can ride in to fly to a forever, loving home
$50.00 pays for one medium crate
$100.00 pays for one large crate

Other items that we use every day like:
Vitamin B12
Wound gel
Metronidazole for Giardia
Ear cleaner
Creams for skin problems – these are all $20 to $40 a container and we go through them fast. There are many more things of course but I just thought that it would be nice to know where the money goes. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps us help them. Happy New Year.
On the left is Franklin, he’s new, he was hit by a car but is doing much better now, Jeff has even let him sit on the couch. And on the right is Momma Elsa, who was used for breeding, she is so pleased to be here and even gets to sleep on the bed sometimes.


If you read my last blog you know the story of the family that came to my door with two puppies stuffed in a tiny crate. They wanted me to take them but they had another dog as well and she was pregnant. As much as I wanted to get those puppies out of that box I told the family that they could drop the puppies off at the vet clinic when they took the momma in to be spayed. I would pick the pups up from there. Well we didn’t hear anything for a week, we went to their house, no one home, finally we tracked the son down at his work and he promised to take them to the clinic. I met them there. What a mess, you should see the mother. The picture really doesn’t give an idea of what bad shape she is in.The amazing thing about the puppies was that I thought they were 2-3 months old but it turns our they are 5 or 6 months old, unbelievable.Little Chupa is the one sitting up and she has a long way to go.


Most people may think that my life is animal rescue but I am actually a potter. If you look closely at the pictures of the vet doing spays and neuters in my studio you can see that it’s actually a pottery studio. Not that I have time to make pots or any room between operating tables and drawers of supplies.
Arturo, a wonderful vet from Cancun, was here from 9am to 6pm and we spayed 6 females and neutered 6 males. The pups were great and we had a recovery team taking care of every one of them as they woke up.
We always use what ever we have, creating spay hooks out of knitting needles and making our own suture with needles and reels. It works.


We just finished a spay and neuter clinic on the island. It was great. Our goal was sixty or seventy animals and we did one hundred and two. How cool is that.
Above is our check in crew and then Bonnie, the boss, multi-tasking. We had two operating tables, one for Delfino and one for Arturo, who has a clinic in Cancun and came to work all three days.

We had tons of volunteers, Umberto did the drugs, and lunches were donated by Lolo Valentino’s, Jax, and Barlitos. Needless to say, we ate very well.
Here are some of the cuties that were brought to the clinic. It was a great three days and there will be more to come soon. Many of the supplies that we used were left over from our Cancun clinic that was funded by Jennifer Pryor and George Lopez.


Wow, I love the spay and neuter clinics. But the supplies I could do without. Before the clinic they fill up my house and then after the clinic they fill up my house but they smell bad. I just keep sorting and sorting and Jeff looks at me like, “are we a kennel or a house?” At the moment we look more like a kennel inside the house and outside the house.
Our final count on puppies is 41. One of them died of parvo and we’re doing the best we can to keep it from spreading. We’re watching everyone like a hawk. Then Pepe brought us this gorgeous poodle who had his eye removed after a big dog bit him. He was here one night before we found him the most wonderful home.And the puppy in the bowl, who can resist a puppy in a bowl.


What a magnificent week we’ve had. Bonfil, Cancun, near the airport where the street dog population is heartbreaking. Candi, Isla Animals and Planned Pethood did a 5 day clinic. We spayed and neutered 1,574 cats and dogs. I still can’t believe it. What a team. Everyone from Canada, the USA, different parts of Mexico, and Cuba came together to make this happen. The impact on this area will be incredible.

As usual, we don’t put puppies back in the street so Isla Animals brought home 29 pups. We only took the ones that needed help or were too young to adopt out. The rest were adopted out the last day of the clinic with the help of local animal rescue groups who helped with the clinic.

Do you know how long it takes to vaccinate and deworm that many puppies.


This year (my years always start in September) we are having two clinics in Bonfil. It is a poor area in Cancun near the Airport. The street population of cats and dogs is over the top. Last year we did a clinic there in January and Isla Animals took home 65 puppies. We do not put puppies back on the streets. Older dogs with survival skills who would be hard to turn into house pets are spayed/neutered and put back exactly where we found them. Often times they have territories and people who occasionally feed them.

But the puppies are a whole different thing, so they come to us. This November 5-10 we are joining with Planned Pethood, Candi International, Cancun Animal Rescue, Coco’s Cat Rescue, Luum Balicheo, Jaguar Cats, Animalistas and Rescate Malix for our next large scale spay and neuter clinic. We are hoping to do over 1000 animals.

Our next large scale clinic after that will be in January with Vidas and we are hoping for the same number of surgeries. If we keep hitting this area we WILL make a huge difference. We also do special surgeries or arrange to have them done if the need comes to our attention. Like Pablo who had a broken hip.


Last year, in March, we had a spay and neuter campaign at the Guatalupana. During lunch one day I noticed a group of children running around with two very small puppies. When I looked closer, the pups were obviously sick so, of course, I asked the kids if I could take the pups to my house. Sadly, by the time I got them home, the white one, who we called Mini, was unconscious. I managed to get some fluids in her and after 24 hours I was pretty sure she would live. The other one, who we named Buff, was stronger and survived as well.
That was a year ago. Since then whenever I visit the area Buff is always glad to see me and he looks healthy and happy. But last Monday his family called me to say that he was very sick. By the time I got to their house Buff couldn’t walk. In the last month we’ve seen two cases of tic paralysis so I was sure that this was yet another case. I gave them the appropriate medicine and told them to call me if things didn’t improve. Two days later they called again to say he was worse. When I arrived, it was an awful sight, he was lying in the dirt covered with ants and mud and he’d wounded his left eye by banging his head on a log while trying to get up. It broke my heart. We brought Buff to my house, cleaned him up, put him on IV fluids and started inject-able meds.
That was five days ago, some days he was better and some he was worse, but through it all he wagged his tail every time he saw me. Today he’s finally moving his legs a bit and if we position him properly he can even sit for a while. Then his owner showed up and Buff perked up even more. We are hopeful that he’ll continue to improve. He’s definitely staying here with us until he can walk. We have a perfect place for him where the breeze comes through the pillars and keeps him cool.


Last weekend I went to an area called the Guatalupana. The government on the island has been absconding with property that belongs to the islanders. So a large group of Islenos squatted on a big piece of property mid island on the Carrabean side. It has been a few years now and they still don’t have water, electricity or sewage. Most of the homes are shacks and many of the homeowners have dug wells or bought large water tanks that sit in their front yards.
Of course there are dogs everywhere and when we have spay and neuter clinics we go there to pick up animals. And when we get donations we go there with de-wormer, collars, vitamins, food and medicine if needed. I would love sometime to be able to vaccinate all the animals but we will need a bigger budget for that as most of our funds go to the sterilization clinics.
The children are wonderful and after many, many visits the people are used to seeing me hang around making a big fuss over their dogs.

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