Puppy Progress


Before Christmas we went out to the Guatalupana after hearing that there was one family with thirteen puppies. We found the house. One momma had 5 six week old puppies and the other momma had 8 two week old puppies.We took the older puppies and Delfino spayed the mom but we had to leave the younger ones behind. I made a note to myself to return. Then after Christmas someone came to my house with a little puppy that someone had handed them on New Years Eve. The pup came from the same area and was about the right age so I pulled up my picture of the younger pups and there she was.If you check the bundle of puppies the new little one is upper right. So now I’m worried. These pups are too young to be given away. If the family has started to hand them out, I’m going to get them. Which I did. There were five left.We gave them all baths, picked off the ticks and fleas and then of course they got new clothes. ha ha This is what dog rescue people do when they have time on their hands.


Remember we are a 501C3. So you can still give a donation before midnight and get a tax deduction. Here is a rundown on some of the things that a donation would pay for.
$4.00 will deworm 4 puppies, what a difference that can make
$8.00 a vaccine, saves puppies every day
$20.00 pays for one spay or neuter, the math is incredible on how many puppies or kittens one sterilization can prevent from being born
$25.00 buys a bottle of doxycycline with 500 – 100 mg. tabs. This cures ehrlichia which affects almost every dog in Mexico, and it’s also good for respiratory infections. When one pup gets one of those and there are 45 other pups in the rescue, it spreads like crazy.
$25.00 pays for someone to work for seven hours cleaning up after and feeding our pups
$25.00 pays for one soft carrier that one of our pups can ride in to fly to a forever, loving home
$50.00 pays for one medium crate
$100.00 pays for one large crate

Other items that we use every day like:
Vitamin B12
Wound gel
Metronidazole for Giardia
Ear cleaner
Creams for skin problems – these are all $20 to $40 a container and we go through them fast. There are many more things of course but I just thought that it would be nice to know where the money goes. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps us help them. Happy New Year.
On the left is Franklin, he’s new, he was hit by a car but is doing much better now, Jeff has even let him sit on the couch. And on the right is Momma Elsa, who was used for breeding, she is so pleased to be here and even gets to sleep on the bed sometimes.


There are only a few pieces of equipment more important than a washing machine, if you run a dog rescue. We use a ton of towels everyday. Two or three days without doing the laundry, our machine is broken, and we have a stack half the size of a Volkswagen. Plus they don’t have “do it yourself” laundry mats here, you take you dirty laundry in, they weigh it, charge by the kilo, and you pick it up four hours later. But that doesn’t apply to us because they would never, never accept our smelly towels. Not a chance. So I spend the last part of everyday stomping towels.

And then we got a mom and four more pups in, which means more dirty towels. It has been incredible this fall. We can’t seem to get ahead of things. I was feeling so great about the four pups that we sent out last week and then we got four more in and the momma. But are these puppies ever cute. Jeff says I always say that. Ha ha


Wow, I love the spay and neuter clinics. But the supplies I could do without. Before the clinic they fill up my house and then after the clinic they fill up my house but they smell bad. I just keep sorting and sorting and Jeff looks at me like, “are we a kennel or a house?” At the moment we look more like a kennel inside the house and outside the house.
Our final count on puppies is 41. One of them died of parvo and we’re doing the best we can to keep it from spreading. We’re watching everyone like a hawk. Then Pepe brought us this gorgeous poodle who had his eye removed after a big dog bit him. He was here one night before we found him the most wonderful home.And the puppy in the bowl, who can resist a puppy in a bowl.

Happy New Year

So, my years always start in September, first it was because of the kids in school but now it’s the month that we head to Mexico again. Jeff and I always drive back and forth in our RV because we just have too many supplies and too many dogs to fly.
The reason I even mention this is because so many people tell me that they want to do what we do, meaning live somewhere warm and rescue animals. So I thought, and I hope I can stick with it, that I would blog about life in Mexico doing animal rescue.
To start, I’m sitting in our new (used) RV, driving south. Our old RV was seven years old and Jeff said, “ too many things are breaking down for me to feel confident driving all the way through Mexico.” The last thing that anyone wants to do is break down in the middle of nowhere on a Mexican Highway.
We are packed to the hilt. All year people send supplies to our condo in Colorado and every year we take it down with us to save money on supplies. It really is wonderful – how much people send us.

The picture to the left shows only part of the supplies, the back bedroom is also full and the crates are in the garage. Packing the RV is a two day ordeal. The first day we pack the supplies and the second day we pack us.
Meanwhile in Mexico, the picture below is of the first puppy coming to us, it was found on the streets in very sad shape and of course there are dogs at the house already, nine of them, so here we go again.


We have some wonderful happy endings. Buff, who had tick paralysis and stayed here for almost two weeks, is home again. He’s much much better and has a loving family that missed him. It was so cute. We sent him home with an old dog crate and set it up in Buff’s front yard. Buff was inside before we finished putting it together. He just sat there looking out at us and barking “mine, mine, mine”.Then there is Kelly who was tied to my door not too long ago. She looks terrible in this picture, sadly that was how she arrived. It took three days to get all the ticks off of her but under all those ticks and fleas we found the most beautiful dog. Wow, I mean wonderful. She has already been adopted and now lives in Rhode Island, I miss her. Other good news, Momma Andrea, now Georgia has a fantastic home.It was love at first sight with her new family and now she’s living in Michigan.
But I also need some positive thinking for Boca, a puppy who my friend Pamela knew about. The poor little thing may have a broken jaw. We think that she was bitten by a much bigger dog and we’re hoping that it’s just swollen. Pepe is taking her in for x-rays. I’ll keep you updated.


When we do spay and neuter clinics it’s so important to check on the animals that have had surgery. Many of the islanders don’t have cars and most taxis won’t pick people with dogs up, especially when the animal has a big open wound. So for a few days after the clinics we visit the animals to make sure they are healing well.
It was a good thing that Bonnie checked on one pup because the pup was infected and needed to be restitched. But there was an extra bonus for me because I got some added puppy time. Across the street there was a litter of five little beauties. We took them home for a bath and deworming and we are going back when I get some vaccinations so they stay healthy.
You should have seen me on the back of Pepe’s motto with a pup in each arm and my helmet, which was too big, flapping in the wind behind me and no hands to do anything about it. I wish we had taken that picture.


Ha we are still a crazy house, full to capacity. And we have our new babes that I just posted, they seem so small compared to the rest of my pups. I bring them inside in a box to feed them. The box picture is blurry because they get so hungry and excited they never stay still.

Our bathtub babes are much better as well, they are going to be big dogs and already tower over some of the pups that are older than they are.

Even though there are a ton of pups I love this time when they all at least have two vaccinations.


A woman on the island has saved three dogs from the street. Now she has health problems and can’t keep them. So we arranged for the biggest dog to go to my friend who has a rescue in Cancun but there is always a trade. Guess what we got, a momma and her six pups.Am I ever glad they are here. The mom really needs some good food and the pups are hungry so we are feeding them some extra milk, they are about three weeks old.

Pablo Got his stitches out

Our poor little Pablo was found alone in the street using three of his four legs. We brought him to the house and even though he never complained his femur was broken. Pepe fixed him up, put a pin in the bone and he is using his leg a little more every day. He is also gaining weight, I’m sure he was last in line for any tasty garbage morsels with only three legs to get there. His is so sweet and wow, what a face.

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