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photoFor many, many years we have received generous donations from the Bow Wow Club. It has been an enormous help with the costs that we face everyday.

Here are the contributors for 2013. They raised $2200 total.

Cheryl House is dedicating her donations to the memory of Lt.Cdr. Erik S. Kristensen who lost his life on June 25 , 2005 . Cheryl wrote, “He was the Navy SEAL commander who was the skipper of Operation Red Wings……..the failed navy seal rescue mission in Afghanistan. The movie, Lone Survivor , debuted in Jan. of 2014 . Please pray for and remember our military who fight daily to defend and protect us all and to provide our ongoing freedoms.”


Extra Large Bones $700 & above
Cheryl House In Memory of Lt.Cdr. Erik S. Kristensen
Moby Gerken

Large Bones. $100-$699
Julie House Presa
Lael House Wojcik

Medium Bones. $50-$99
Trish Arbach
Karl House
Roxy Osantowski

Small Bones. $25-$49
Muffie & Larry Freeman
Kirby & Kevin Kallestad


Remember we are a 501C3. So you can still give a donation before midnight and get a tax deduction. Here is a rundown on some of the things that a donation would pay for.
$4.00 will deworm 4 puppies, what a difference that can make
$8.00 a vaccine, saves puppies every day
$20.00 pays for one spay or neuter, the math is incredible on how many puppies or kittens one sterilization can prevent from being born
$25.00 buys a bottle of doxycycline with 500 – 100 mg. tabs. This cures ehrlichia which affects almost every dog in Mexico, and it’s also good for respiratory infections. When one pup gets one of those and there are 45 other pups in the rescue, it spreads like crazy.
$25.00 pays for someone to work for seven hours cleaning up after and feeding our pups
$25.00 pays for one soft carrier that one of our pups can ride in to fly to a forever, loving home
$50.00 pays for one medium crate
$100.00 pays for one large crate

Other items that we use every day like:
Vitamin B12
Wound gel
Metronidazole for Giardia
Ear cleaner
Creams for skin problems – these are all $20 to $40 a container and we go through them fast. There are many more things of course but I just thought that it would be nice to know where the money goes. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps us help them. Happy New Year.
On the left is Franklin, he’s new, he was hit by a car but is doing much better now, Jeff has even let him sit on the couch. And on the right is Momma Elsa, who was used for breeding, she is so pleased to be here and even gets to sleep on the bed sometimes.


Last weekend I went to an area called the Guatalupana. The government on the island has been absconding with property that belongs to the islanders. So a large group of Islenos squatted on a big piece of property mid island on the Carrabean side. It has been a few years now and they still don’t have water, electricity or sewage. Most of the homes are shacks and many of the homeowners have dug wells or bought large water tanks that sit in their front yards.
Of course there are dogs everywhere and when we have spay and neuter clinics we go there to pick up animals. And when we get donations we go there with de-wormer, collars, vitamins, food and medicine if needed. I would love sometime to be able to vaccinate all the animals but we will need a bigger budget for that as most of our funds go to the sterilization clinics.
The children are wonderful and after many, many visits the people are used to seeing me hang around making a big fuss over their dogs.


There has been a wonderful group of people that have supported Isla Animals for years. Cheryl House has created this group and stayed with it to help us save pups and spay and neuter every cat and dog we can get our hands on. This year has been one of the best as far as donations and we are so grateful and pleased with the work it has allowed us to do. Below is the list of donors and the beautiful dog that has sadly passed but instigated such generosity. His name was Dr. Zhivago. Thank you all for your support.


The club for 2011 raised a total of $2,950.
In memory of Dr. Zhivago

Extra Large Bones $300 & Over
Cheryl House. In Memory of Rosie
Jan & Terry Gerken (Moby)

Large Bones. $100 to $299

Lael House Wojcik, Honoring – Rookie
Julie House Presa, Honoring – Trucco
James & Kristin Yasord. In Memory of Vago
John & Jean Epler
Chris & Kim Cannon
Roxane Osantowski, Honoring – Tequila – adopted from Plaza Almendros(AKA, Oreo, Patches)
Kelly Ragsdale
Valerie Kordyban
David & Karen Childers
Ron & Diane Seals


Jeff and I just got back to Mexico a few days ago. We’re having a spay and neuter clinic next week and then the normal dog stuff from there. I would like to do a sweep of the island, door to door, working on vaccinations and spaying and neutering. I mean really – we’ve been back two days and we already have a very weak momma with eight pups. Then I got a call about another dog with eight pups and Jeff and I are about to go pick up four. This has to stop. I called my new momma – Momma Rina after the hurricane that wasn’t.
Here is our new mom warming up her pups after their bath this morning, such a good mom. This must be black dog week, out of the thirteen puppies there is only one white one.
We are so looking forward to moving ahead this year. With all the rescue groups and people that we are working with now, we can get more done and we’re hoping that we can get some help with this. Already we have some wonderful monthly donators, and it makes a huge difference.


We are doing another big spay and neuter clinic in Corales near Rancho Viejo which is next to Cancun. This is our second clinic in this location. Last time we ended up with over fifty puppies. We can put the dogs back on the street but never the puppies. We often re-home the dogs if we can as well. Anyway it has been the worst year for distemper that I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately we lost about 20% of those pups to distemper. It only takes one distemper pup to infect an entire group of un-vaccinated puppies. So this April we’re going to test every puppy that comes in. The tests are two hundred pesos a piece, about eighteen dollars, we want to have seventy five available for that last week of April. I’m asking if any of you can help by buying one or two tests it would make a huge difference. You can donate on our pay pal and make a note that it’s for distemper tests and that’s exactly what it will be used for. This is an extra cost that we didn’t figure into our budget when we were making the original plans.


The race was great. There’s lots of room for improvement but for a first effort we are all very happy. To all of the incredible volunteers, Jeff and I are so, so grateful. And to those who helped set things up ahead of time with the city and the schools and the race route, we couldn’t possibly have done it without you.
We haven’t finished with the tally because Jeff is still working at the music festival but as soon as we have numbers I will post them. We had over sixty runners thanks to all of you wonderful people who signed up to sponsor school kids. And for you generous supporters who sponsored teams of five, it added so much excitement. Unfortunately we couldn’t fill all the teams but next year people will have a better idea of what’s going on.
The whole event was fun and involved the entire community. From the island government to the police department to the Navy that allowed us to run on the runway. We had help from the Red Cross, they sent their ambulance to be on standby. We had runners of all ages from many different countries. For the first year we couldn’t have asked for more.


What could be better than getting a puppy or dog off the street. How can you beat putting meat on a starving animals bones or help out a dog before it’s abused and learns to mistrust humans. It’s the best feeling in the world. Help me prevent another box of unwanted pups being left on a vacant lot. I can do all that and more if I have the funds.

Help us turn this

Into this

It’s a great gift idea for the person who has everything. You can buy them a monthly donation to Isla Animals. I will make sure that every penny that you donate is put to work. It’s the most wonderful thing to know that we can count on a certain amount of money coming in each month. It allows me to plan ahead in this work that is other wise, to say the least, financially chaotic.

And if you are looking for something different you can donate a certain amount of spays and neuters in someone’s name. The surgery averages out to $20.00 an animal and it’s the bottom line solution to overpopulation and suffering of animals in Mexico.

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Thank You to the Bow Wow Club For Your generous Donation!

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Yahoo, we are now a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization

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