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Last weekend I went to an area called the Guatalupana. The government on the island has been absconding with property that belongs to the islanders. So a large group of Islenos squatted on a big piece of property mid island on the Carrabean side. It has been a few years now and they still don’t have water, electricity or sewage. Most of the homes are shacks and many of the homeowners have dug wells or bought large water tanks that sit in their front yards.
Of course there are dogs everywhere and when we have spay and neuter clinics we go there to pick up animals. And when we get donations we go there with de-wormer, collars, vitamins, food and medicine if needed. I would love sometime to be able to vaccinate all the animals but we will need a bigger budget for that as most of our funds go to the sterilization clinics.
The children are wonderful and after many, many visits the people are used to seeing me hang around making a big fuss over their dogs.


Peace, with help and supplies from CANDI and Isla Animals organized a spay and neuter clinic on Isla Mujeres from April 9 to April 13. What a great week. We did exactly one hundred cats and dogs and a few special cases.
As usual we picked some of the dogs up at the Gautalupana where the kids always help and we had great volunteers at the clinic.
We spayed my Momma Chima and her four pups. Momma decided to recuperate in one of my flower pots.


Mini is such a special pup. We were doing a one day spay and neuter clinic in the Guatalupana which is a very poor section of Isla Mujeres. I spotted a group of children running around with two pups that looked in awful shape so I asked them about it. They told me that their dog had eight pups but only two had survived. Mini was the smallest. They let me take them home for some TLC. I didn’t think Mini would make it through that first night. But she did. She’s had a rough beginning but is doing much better. The other pup went back to the family that owned the mother but Mini is staying here.

A wonderful family visiting the island came to the house to walk dogs everyday. They fell in love with Mini. Unfortunately when it was time for them to go Mini was not well enough to travel. She is now. So we are looking for anyone traveling to Chicago or Cincinnati, or Cleveland, or anywhere in that area that would like to take Mini with them. She’s tiny and will fit in a soft pack that goes under the seat in front. We would do everything, pay everything and take whoever can do it to the airport. Time is the problem right now, as it gets warmer fewer airlines will fly animals. So let us know if you can help. Contact me at Lets cross our finger.

Buff and Mini

A few weeks ago we did a spay and neuter clinic in the Guatalupana. I noticed two little girls running around with tiny little puppies. So of course I asked them about it. Their dog had eight pups and only two survived, these were the two and they were in really bad shape.

I didn’t think that Mini (the white one) would make it through the night but she did and they are both doing well. They eat like pigs (kibble milkshakes) yum yum and they live in my laundry room. Now Jeff really has an excuse not to do the laundry. I’m not sure if they can see us yet but when they hear my voice they come running, or it’s more like a fast waddle. Below Mini sends a wink. ha ha


My web page blog thing hasn’t been working but it’s back. Now there is so much to tell. First the spay and neuter clinic at the Guatalupana was a huge success. One of the highlights was that Pepe (the vet) and I arrived half an hour late. What a wonderful surprise we had. I had asked three people to volunteer, there were eight people there waiting. Plus the people that live there had set up a check in stand and were already registering animals. It was one of those moments that make it all worth it.

The kids were really interested in everything that was going on.


I got a phone call this morning from Judy. She told me there was a sick dog in the Guatalupana which is the poorest section of the island, still without electricity or running water. I met Judy there and we went to visit the dog. He was really grumpy and really skinny. I promised to bring some medicine for Ehrlichia which is probably what he has, they all have it.
While we were there people kept asking us to look at their dogs and “did we have anti-parasite medicine” or “when can we get our animals sterilized?” What a difference. Partly due to a heightened awareness and partly because of the terrible condition of the dogs.

The kids followed us everywhere. They brought me two sick pups who I took home with me and then it dawned on me. Let’s do the clinic right there. That way the owners can stay with there dogs. We can just do maybe 12 -15 but we can do it every week. Within a few minutes I had Pepe, the vet, agree to come and a family offered their house. Wow. If this works out we’ll go every week until we have the area under control. We can give out deworm medicine and tic and flea prevention. In a few months it will be a showcase of “how too.” We hope. Let’s see how it goes.


The race was great. There’s lots of room for improvement but for a first effort we are all very happy. To all of the incredible volunteers, Jeff and I are so, so grateful. And to those who helped set things up ahead of time with the city and the schools and the race route, we couldn’t possibly have done it without you.
We haven’t finished with the tally because Jeff is still working at the music festival but as soon as we have numbers I will post them. We had over sixty runners thanks to all of you wonderful people who signed up to sponsor school kids. And for you generous supporters who sponsored teams of five, it added so much excitement. Unfortunately we couldn’t fill all the teams but next year people will have a better idea of what’s going on.
The whole event was fun and involved the entire community. From the island government to the police department to the Navy that allowed us to run on the runway. We had help from the Red Cross, they sent their ambulance to be on standby. We had runners of all ages from many different countries. For the first year we couldn’t have asked for more.

It’s a Mountain of Pups

After the first three puppies arrived everything exploded. I was working in the peace office when a man came in and said he had seven puppies. He asked if I would take them. I’m thinking, what are the odds, I work in that office for two hours a week and the man arrived during that small window of time. So the pups are here now settling in under one of our courtyard benches. They are very shy.

Then the mother and her ten pups arrived, she’s so pretty, needs to put on a bit of weight but her puppies are plump and adorable.

In the afternoon I had some help checking out each pup. The more hugs the better when they first come in.
This afternoon I’ll figure out how many males and females. I’ll be looking for names.

What a great day yesterday

We arranged a one day spay and neuter clinic after two veterinarians, Rad and KP and a vet assistant, Carolyn and her husband Mike offered their services.

It was supposed to be all cats but of course I had to get a few dogs in too.

A small group of island volunteers jumped right in and off we went. Thirteen cats and seven dogs, all done between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon. WOW

Bonnie of Sea Hawk Divers is calling the owner of this lovely momma bull terrier to get permission to spay her. As always the children love to get involved. After the family agreed the children helped us put the mom and her pup in the car. In the middle picture you can see the vets giving the puppy fluids. We found a foster for the puppy, so she is guaranteed love and vitamins for a few days before we take her back.

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