Buff is finally getting a bit better every day. Yesterday I gave him a bath and he loved it and today I had him up on all four legs. He could take a step if I supported him. Yahoo I’m so glad that he has stopped dragging himself around, he was rubbing his legs raw.
Some other good news is the progress with Missy. From the beginning she was the shyest of our pups. We could pick her up if we cornered her but she was terrified. The good thing was that she never bit or even snarled. Well we sent out the last two pups, Roz and Davie who were in her kennel and she got really lonely. I think she decided that she better try that “people thing” if she wanted any attention. She is coming along beautifully.


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So glad Buff is feeling a little better! Thanks for keeping us posted and taking good care of this sweet boy!

I am so delighted to see Buff and Missy doing so well, I must thank you people from the bottom of my heart for all the good you do for these precious little ones.

I am so excited about both of them. Buff still gets really tired and can’t walk but I know he is going to recover. And Missy is just amazing.

I am so thrilled that Missy finally decided that people are trustworthy. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!

So glad to get the good news. Buff on the road to recovery and Missy’s progress as a young society lass at last!! I’m back in Canada but Isla is always on my mind. First chance I get, I’ll be back!!!

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