Buff and Mini

A few weeks ago we did a spay and neuter clinic in the Guatalupana. I noticed two little girls running around with tiny little puppies. So of course I asked them about it. Their dog had eight pups and only two survived, these were the two and they were in really bad shape.

I didn’t think that Mini (the white one) would make it through the night but she did and they are both doing well. They eat like pigs (kibble milkshakes) yum yum and they live in my laundry room. Now Jeff really has an excuse not to do the laundry. I’m not sure if they can see us yet but when they hear my voice they come running, or it’s more like a fast waddle. Below Mini sends a wink. ha ha


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Allison-thanks so much for letting Caroline, Kyle, Nicole, MaryBeth and me play with your dogs today. They are just darling, especially Mini! The work you do is fabulous and I admire you. When I get back to Minneapolis I will talk to 13 1/2 year old Daisy and see if she wants a puppy.
I may even be back for another dose of puppy play this week…

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