So the story of little Boca is a sad one with a happy ending. My friend Pamela told me that there was a puppy with a broken jaw in her neighborhood. We called Pepe, the vet, and he picked her up. He had to wire her little jaw and clean up all the wounds on her head. We figure that she was bitten by a big dog because there are at least four puncture wounds on her head. But she’s back here with us again and healing very well although she looks really funny with her head shaved because the rest of her is pretty fuzzy.The good news is that she has a little friend. Pepe found little Powder when he went to one of the marinas to check on another dog. They are good company for each other. As you can see Boca’s jaw is pretty swollen but we have her on some good anti biotics.


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Thank the Gods for you Alison! Her beautiful blue eyes are going to shine now without all that pain.

Thank God for you, Pamela and Pepe, I’m releived that Boca has found saviors. and that Powder will not be alone and frightened. Please let me know if you need help to find ‘Forever Homes’ for these two…Hugs

thank you Isla angels for the news. So happy that two more dogs will be benefiting from your good care. and how is Missy, still with you?

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