People often ask me where all my dogs come from, how do I get so many. Well this morning is a good example of just how some dogs come my way. This little fellow was tied to our gate and abandoned some time in the night.

Poor little thing was terrified. We brought him in and he’s playing with the older puppies now. We’ll give him today to get used to the place and then vaccinate and de-worm him. Luckily we’re having a five day spay and neuter clinic on the island starting January 17, he’ll be first in line.
What I mean by ‘better than it used to be’ is——when we first came to the island ten years ago, if someone didn’t want their dog any more they would simply kick the dog out into the street, or take him to the dump or take him to the other end of the island and leave him there. For me, when they tie the dog to our gate it says that they cared enough to abandone the animal where they know he’ll be safe. That has to be an improvement.


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I want to help with the clinic. Would love to stop over and visit you and the animals. Let me know when a good time would be.

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