Our History

Enter Alison and the creation of “Puppy Camp”. Never have we seen a love for dogs like that of Alison Current. She joyfully opened her beautiful home on North Beach to these adorable fluff balls that are bundles of joy half the time and bundles of poop and pee the other half. Initially she and her husband Jeff agreed to foster litters of puppies until they were old enough to put up for adoption, however, the numbers of litters grew and they gracefully adapted their home to accommodate these pups in need.

Keeping on top of these growing dogs became a monumental task. However, as was inevitable, some of the dogs reached adulthood without finding homes and “Puppy Camp” became a whole new place. At the same time, full grown dogs in need of a home began showing up at the gates and Alison lovingly accepted every one of them, regardless of how mangy or sickly they were, and nursed them to physical and psychological health.

With your help we can continue to provide these necessary services to the people and the animals of Isla Mujeres.

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